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Dau Tieng district sows love through "golden hearts"

Update: 11-06-2024 | 11:09:41

With the tradition of "mutual love" and the spirit of sharing, in recent years, many individuals and organizations in Dau Tieng district have devoted their time and effort to doing useful things for the community, becoming a bridge connecting "golden hearts" in local humanitarian activities. Thereby arousing the compassion of people from all walks of life, contributing to good implementation of social security work.

 Recently, Red Cross Association of Dau Tieng district has done a good job of connecting with generous units and individuals to organize many meaningful programs. In photo: Dau Tieng District Red Cross Association coordinate with philanthropic individuals to organize a "Zero Dong Market" for people having difficult circumstances

 Truthful address

With the desire to help unexpected difficult situations in the area, in August 2022, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Minh Hoa commune developed and maintained the "Heart of Gold" program. This activity has actively helped difficult situations and disadvantaged people to rise up, contributing to spreading positive messages about life.

Since its inception, the "Golden Heart" has mobilized extraordinary support for more than 25 difficult cases with an amount of more than 500 million VND. In addition to supporting difficult situations, at the opening of the new school year, the "Golden Heart" program mobilized generous individuals to donate notebooks, stationery, books, clothes and health insurance cards to disadvantaged students and thousands of gifts for the people...

As one of the members actively participating in campaigning and helping difficult cases through the "Golden Heart", Pham Thi Thao in Hoa Cuong hamlet said: “When we know that in Minh Hoa commune or localities in Dau Tieng district there are cases that need unexpected support due to illness or death due to illness, we will call for and connect benefactors to provide timely support. Although the gifts are not of high value, they represent the heart of caring, sharing, and encouraging people living in hardship to have motivation to continue working and improving their lives."

Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga, Vice Chairwoman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Minh Hoa commune, said that the "Golden Heart" porgram has connected many benefactors to give thousands of gifts to unfortunate lives, contributing to improving the quality of people's lives. Since its establishment, the model has become a trusted address for people not only in Minh Hoa commune but also in neighboring communes such as Minh Tan, Minh Thanh, Dinh Hiep... In the coming time, the Commune Fatherland Front will continue to maintain the "Golden Heart" so that this model operates effectively and practically, and will be replicated to help more people.

Connect with compassionate hearts

With a core, connecting and coordinating role in humanitarian activities, recently, the Red Cross of Dau Tieng district has joined hands with Fatherland Front Committee of the district and philanthropic individuals to organize humanitarian, charity and social security events, spreading the spirit of kindness by many meaningful programs. Ngo Thi Xuyen, Chairwoman of Dau Tieng district Red Cross Association, said that humanitarian and charitable activities are of interest and carried out regularly and continuously by the association. In recent years, humanitarian activities in the district have always received positive responses from organizations, individuals, and benefactors. That support and help has warmed the hearts of people having harsh circumstances in the district, giving them more confidence and energy to rise up.

The Red Cross Association and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Dau Tieng district have called for resources from generous organizations and individuals, mobilized people from all walks of life to participate in voluntary blood donation, and organized visiting and gift-giving programs for lonely elderly people, orphans, poor students, and households having difficult circumstances. In particular, the campaign "Each organization, each individual is associated with a humanitarian address" has become a long-term campaign throughout the implementing process of the association's humanitarian activities. During the past 5 years, the Red Cross Association of Dau Tieng district has been the core in implementing social work activities worth nearly 30.8 billion VND and helped nearly 61,000 people.

With the desire "Not to leave anyone behind", in the coming time, Dau Tieng district Red Cross will continue to connect the hearts of kindness to those having difficult lives and circumstances, spreading the spirit of mutual love and solidarity, multiplying humanitarian and charitable activities, contributing to ensuring social security in the area.

 In the past 5 years, Dau Tieng district Red Cross Association has become the core force implementing social work activities with a total value of nearly 30.8 billion VND and helped nearly 61,000 people. These activities have contributed to raising social awareness, arousing and spreading the spirit of "mutual affection" among people of all walks of life in the district.

 Reported by Hong Phuong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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