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Dau Tieng’s voluntary blood donation campaign surpasses the set target

Update: 23-09-2023 | 08:49:15

On September 22, Dau Tieng district’s Mobilixation Board for Voluntary Blood Donation and Red Cross Association organized a blood donation campaign with the message of "Every drop of blood given - A life left behind".

This blood donation campaign attracted nearly 500 volunteers from agencies, departments, mass organizations, localities and locals. Through health screening, the Organization Board of the program received 433 units of blood.

At the blood donation event, the district’s Red Cross Society mobilized donors to donate 500 glasses of bird's nest soup and 500 boxes of vegetarian noodles to those participating in the voluntary blood donation program.

Since early this year, the district’s Mobilization Board for Voluntary Blood Donation has received 2,361 units of blood, or 107.32% of the target assigned by the province in 2023.

Reported by Cam Ly-Translated by Kim Tin

Dau Tieng
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