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Department of Construction strengthens popularization of legal provisions on urban order

Update: 11-06-2021 | 19:29:03

According to provincial Department of Construction, the province's has paid attention to urban order management and implemented plans and solutions to ensure urban order in the area. Dissemination of laws and regulations on urban order management are regularly carried out by local administrations, contributing to raising organizations and individuals’ awareness of compliance with regulations to constrain violations of urban order.

In the coming time, Department of Construction will strengthen the dissemination of legal regulations and in the management, inspection and handling of urban order violations in the area; to disseminate and encourage organizations and individuals to use applications to participate in monitoring and providing information on urban order. In addition, the depart will rectify and overcome ineffective aspects of local agencies and authorities in urban order management.

Reported by Phuong Anh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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