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Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam: Strengthening cooperation, upholding the spirit of "accompanying to overcome challenges, seizing new opportunities, developing comprehensively"

Update: 26-09-2022 | 16:40:38

Early September 26, the Horasis India Meeting 2022 was officially opened at Binh Duong provincial Convention and Exhibition Center.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam; representatives of ministries and central agencies; Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India. For Binh Duong, there were Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Deputy Delegation; Vo Van Minh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee; leaders of departments and sectors in the province together with more than 500 delegates, including Indian investors,  experts and major speakers around the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam speaks at the meeting

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam emphasized: “I am very pleased to attend and speak at the Horasis India Meeting 2022 with the theme of "Dynamic Vietnam - New Vision". On behalf of the Vietnamese Government, he sent respectful greetings to delegates attending the meeting.

Emphasizing the world’s economic situation after the Covid-19 pandemic, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that the world is going through great and complicated changes. Some pessimistic thoughts about the future have appeared somewhere, but above all, this is an opportunity for us to meditate on new ways, creating new values. Heightening resilience and innovation, enhancing sustainability has become an inevitable goal and need.

After nearly 4 decades of renewal, Vietnam has achieved great achievements with historical significance. The size of GDP has increased 100 times from US$4 billion to nearly US$400 billion this year. Putting people in the central position, being the subject in the development process, Vietnam has also paid special attention to the work of building people. As the focal point of many dynamic economic linkage networks, with 15 free trade agreements with about 60 partners, Vietnam has continued being an ideal destination for foreign investors. Upholding independence, self-reliance, being able to withstand external influences, being proactive in international integration and harmoniously linking internal and external resources during the process of building the economy, Vietnam has set up a solid economic foundation, showing self-resilience in times of crisis, most recently being the Covid-19 pandemic.

As soon as the pandemic was basically controlled, Vietnam soon opened up, bringing production and business activities back to normality. The country’s macro-economy remained stable, inflation was controlled at a low level and major balances of the economy were ensured. Vietnam's GDP growth in 2022 is likely to reach 7%. Many prestigious international organizations, namely Moody's, Fitch or Nikkei Asia, have positively assessed the prospect of Vietnam's economic recovery and development. Obviously, the country has found many opportunities to rise up, even make strong breakthroughs during the hard period.

.Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and provincial leaders talk to delegates at the meeting

The Deputy Prime Minister also wanted that delegates will exchange, discuss and contribute to the common success at the forum. First of all, it is necessary for them to deeply evaluate and carefully consider the impact of regional, inter-regional and global issues on Vietnam's prospects for comprehensive and sustainable recovery and development as well as the strategic cooperation relationship between Vietnam and India. Next is to position Vietnam in the “Act East” policy as well as in the overall foreign policy of India. Finally, they need to discuss proposals, solutions to converge resources, promote the green growth and sustainable development of Vietnam, making Vietnam really being an important and key bridge between India and Southeast Asia towards other Asian regions. The Deputy Prime Minister believes that the meeting will create opportunities for sides to share visions, seek opportunities and strengthen cooperation, promoting the spirit of "accompanying to overcome challenges, seizing new opportunities, developing comprehensively”.

Delegates at the opening ceremony of the meeting

At the opening ceremony, Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India shared that India has set an aspiration of becoming an economic superpower in the next 10-15 years with GDP reaching US$ 3 trillion. In strategic cooperation with countries around the world, India considers Vietnam a close partner in all fields. The two countries want to make common contributions to their peace and prosperity. Vietnam also wants that the Indian market will be always open to receive investment from Vietnamese enterprises, promote joint ventures and cooperation between enterprises of the two countries to join the global supply chain so that the two countries will work together towards sustainable development, innovation and start-up to develop smart cities...

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam presents a flower basket and wishes the meeting great success.

India's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs speaks at the meeting

Speaking at the opening ceremony, on behalf of provincial leader, Mr. Minh said Binh Duong has continued being trusted to host the Horasis India Meeting 2022 when Vietnam and India celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations. This is an honor and an opportunity for Binh Duong to promote the local image with international partners. In addition, this is also an opportunity for Binh Duong to demonstrate its organizational and managing capacity while learning and improving its science and technology development to contribute to the development of the Binh Duong smart city project, with the dynamic spirit  in a new vision...

Vo Van Minh, Vice- Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee speaks at the meeting

Mr. Minh believes that with 6 plenary sessions and 26 discussion sessions, the Horasis India Meeting 2022 is a particularly important conference with the presence of politicians, entrepreneurs and scholars from all over the world. The speakers will meet and discuss common concerns on global shift, economic development issues, etc, thereby jointly finding solutions towards a sustainable future. The meeting will have attractive discussion sessions on artificial intelligence, manufacturing, smart energy... in order to link the development of business with innovation and continuous educational development.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and delegates press the button to open the Horasis India Meeting 2022

The signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding between Becamex IDC and the Indian Business Confederation

The meeting is expected to find out important solutions, contributing to promoting Binh Duong's economy, which is increasingly dynamic and ready for international integration; effectively serving the process of industrialization and modernization and successfully realizing the goal of developing Binh Duong province into a smart city, bringing a better life to the people...

Reported by Minh Duy-Translated by Kim Tin

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