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Developing southern cities into worthy-living land

Update: 06-12-2022 | 10:30:23

That is the consistent spirit of provincial Planning Steering Committee for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050. Accordingly, in the new period, the province will take advantage and uphold the local available potential and advantages to overcome existing challenges. Mobilizing resources on rejuvenating and building southern cities into civilized, modern and worth-living land is one of the province's major goals.

Clear division of duties and responsibilities

According to the plan, from now to 2030, the province is expected to complete the relocation of factories and enterprises to ensure compliance with the planning, thereby restructuring the local industrial picture towards modernity, sustainable and worthy development. Existing industrial cities in the southern region of the province, namely Thu Dau Mot city, Thuan An city and Di An city will be shaped and reassigned, ensuring that they are worthy engines to promote the local socio-economic development.

A corner of Binh Duong new city seen from above

After a long journey of persistently carrying out the task of building and developing a centralized industrial model, the province has so far reached important socio-economic achievements. And contributions by the southern urban areas with industrial parks and compounds, namely VSIP I, Song Than, Dong An, Viet Huong, Binh Duong ... are extremely important. Recognizing and redefining contributions by southern localities to the local development over the past time, at the recent “Workshop on provincial Development Planning in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050", experts and scientists from many prestigious organizations and agencies in the country affirmed that cities in the southern region of the province completed their task of pioneering in the form of concentrated industry in the early period. In order to continue developing, in the new period, the province needs to have a restructuring orientation, implement clear assignments and responsibilities so that these localities can continue flying further.

Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Deputy Delegation, Head of provincial Steering Committee for Planning said that the province has completely agreed with the above views of experts and scientists. Accordingly, in the new period, the province will perform two tasks in parallel, including: Relocating factories and enterprises from the southern urban areas to the northern localities in accordance with the planning; stepping up the rejuvenation, construction and development of southern urban areas into civilized, modern and worth-living cities.

Particularly, Thu Dau Mot city will be assigned as a central urban area, focusing on strongly developing the economy and socio-cultural institutions. High-quality economic types, such as: Trade - services, high-tech industry, sustainable urban agriculture will be prioritized here. Meanwhile, after solving problems on inundation, urban embellishment and appropriate population density redistribution, Thuan An and Di An cities will also develop in the direction of modern and civilized urban areas. The two localities will play the leading role in developing, intersecting the local socio-economic background with other urban areas such as Ho Chi Minh city, Dong Nai province... in the southern key economic region and the overall economic picture of the country.

Soon forming up riverside cities

In the northeast of Binh Duong, there is Dong Nai river. Thi Tinh and Song Be rivers are in the north of the province with a system of interlaced canals. All contribute to creating the appearance of romantic river cities with potential for tourism exploitation and development.

Based on the advantage of geographical location, experts from the National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning under the Ministry of Construction have boldly proposed to promote the construction and development of riverside urban areas on the basis of current conditions by Thu Dau Mot, Thuan An and Di An cities. The formation of riverside urban areas under the long-term planning and orientation will help the province form and develop high-quality commercial and service cities in the future.

Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An city’s People's Committee said that Thuan An has agreed with the province’s policy and orientation of riverside urban development. He added that Thuan An city has a natural length of more than 12 kilometers along the banks of Saigon River and this is a great advantage. The construction of Thuan An city into a riverside city not only helps the local socio-economic development, but also helps the province solve a problem on tourist, dining and entertainment places for people, attracting a large number of tourists to explore and experience in the future.

Talking to us, Bui Thanh Nhan, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary of Di An city’s Party Committee said that on the basis of the province’s guidelines and planning orientations, Di An city is also promoting the local planning work. Accordingly, from now to 2030, Di An city strives to make industrial restructuring, reshape the groups of strategic development tasks in the new period. And the "construction of Di An into a high-quality commercial and service city" will become the top goal.

Nguyen Van Loi, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly Deputy Delegation: From now to 2025, after completing the relocation of the local system of factories and enterprises, the province will mobilize all resources to support southern cities to carry out rejuvenation. The province will also invest in upgrading and developing the local infrastructure system as a solid premise to help these localities become riverside cities with a worthy and modern socio-economic development.

Reported by Dinh Thang-Translated by Kim Tin

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