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Driving force for Vietnam's development and attractiveness to Indian investors

Update: 25-09-2022 | 19:48:16

In the framework of this year’s Horasis India Economic Cooperation Forum, or Horasis India Meeting 2022, a dialogue session with the topic of Vietnam’s development took place excitingly on the afternoon of September 25, which was chaired by Ausang Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO of Caphive in India.

The dialogue session was attended by numerous entrepreneurs and advisors from Indian corporations.

An overview of the dialogue session

At the dialogue session, speakers highly appreciated that Vietnam is still forecasted by international organizations to have the economic growth of more than 6% in 2023. The question that needs to be raised is that what priorities and policies does the Government have in the future at the national and regional levels to attract investors and develop sustainably?This is very important for investment partners, especially Indian ones.

They also made predictions about cooperation between Vietnam and India. In particular, enterprises pay much attention to the issues of policies, technology development platforms and regulations on e-commerce. Especially, the Vietnamese Government needs more transparency and predictability in its macroeconomic management policy.

Delegates speaking at the dialogue session

The investment potential of Indian corporations in Vietnam is huge, but now their investment is only about US$ 1 billion. The figure is still quite modest compared to the potential of Indian enterprises, especially in the field of digital transformation - an area that is believed to be a great opportunity for them.

Experts said that in the immediate future, the Vietnamese Government needs to invest more in education and training in order to meet the requirements of high-tech industries, raising the range for development cooperation opportunities.

Reported by Tieu My-Translated by Kim Tin

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