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Enterprises in industrial parks are proactive of pandemic prevention and control to maintain production and business operations

Update: 10-05-2021 | 16:20:26

Facing the new development of Covid-19 epidemic, enterprises in industrial parks of Binh Duong province activated measures to prevent Covid-19 epidemic and maintain their production and business activities. By many active support solutions of the province, efforts of enterprises to overcome difficulties in production and business activities in industrial zones in the province are still being maintained.

Enterprises in industrial parks of the province have been making efforts to implement measures of epidemic prevention and control while maintaining their production and business operations

Adaptive to new situation

Implementing the motto of "fighting the epidemic is like fighting the enemy", enterprises in industrial parks have actively implemented a series of measures to prevent and fight Covid-19 epidemic such as requiring workers to wear masks, measuring body temperature, and reporting medical status daily while ensuring social distancing at work. For information on disease prevention and control at enterprises, Kim Heun Tae, General Director of NTI Vina Co. Ltd. in VSIP II Industrial Park, said that 100% of the employees in the company maintained their mask wearing; body temperature is measured 2 times a day at the beginning of the morning and early afternoon; medical information is declared every day. In rooms, departments, and workshops, disinfection spraying is also done regularly. In case of detecting a person with suspected disease, the rapid response team will deploy a treatment plan. During 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, the company’s production activities have been maintained stably without interruption.

Similarly at Pob Huat Vietnam Co. Ltd. in Song Than II Industrial Park of Di An city, all Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control activities are conducted regularly; thereby, production pace in the new situation is kept. Bui Hung Luan, a company representative, said that all employees and visitors to the company are measured by body temperature at the guard gate. In the company cafeteria area, workers are separated and collective activities are temporarily postponed.

Bui Minh Tri, Head of the provincial Industrial Parks Authority, said that all enterprises in the province's industrial parks have actively taken effective measures to prevent and control Covid-19 under the guidance and strict control of the medical sector to stabilize business development. In recent days, when the Covid-19 epidemic spread in the community, the Management Board of the industrial parks of the province propagated to enterprises and employees about measures to prevent and control the epidemic. Through inspection, businesses have strictly followed the regulations on epidemic prevention to ensure production stability.

Binh Duong is actively directing industries and localities to promote support and create favorable conditions for businesses and economic sectors to promote the development of their production and business operations along with good control of the Covid-19 epidemic not letting it spread to the area. Particularly in the industrial parks, the provincial authority instructs the provincial Management Board of industrial parks to regularly monitor and support enterprises to isolate experts and workers from the epidemic zones and to proactively grasp the difficult situation of enterprises to propose the provincial for measures to remove difficulties, especially those related to the workforce and raw materials for production. By the drastic reaction of the whole system, up to now, most of the enterprises in the industrial parks of the province have maintained stability and developed according to the set direction.

Dual target maintained

Implementing the dual target of epidemic prevention and control and operation maintenance, enterprises have been able to sustain their general economic growth. The spirit of living safely with Covid-19 pandemic, local enterprises have synchronously implemented measures for the highest outcomes.

Under the growth scenario set from the beginning of 2021, Binh Duong provincial Industrial Parks Authority is aiming for attracting 50 to 60 domestic investment projects of VND 1,100 to 1,200 billion to earn USD 33 to 35 billion of revenue, USD 22 to 25 billion of exportation revenue, USD 18 to 20 billion of importation revenue and attraction of 10,000 working people.

Bui Minh Tri said that in the face of complicated developments of Covid-19 epidemic, the provincial Industrial Parks Authority is focusing on serious and effective implementation of urgent measures to prevent and control it. In particular, staffs are regularly dispatched directly to the industrial zones to support and coordinate with local authorities to quarantine foreign experts and workers from epidemic areas with determination not to let Covid-19 epidemic spread in industrial zones and communities. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain production and business activities for goods circulation on the basis of correctly implementing measures to prevent and combat the epidemic and minimize damage to business and production activities. By the initiative step in to overcome difficulties, enterprises in the industrial parks are still making efforts to maintain stable production and business activities to ensure sustainable and long-term development.

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to have complicated developments across the nation, making the province's socio-economic situation face many challenges. However, by the decisive direction and administration of the province and the efforts of the business community and the people, Binh Duong is well controlling the epidemic situation and parallel implementation of economic growth solutions. In the first 4 months of the year, the socio-economic situation of Binh Duong continued to develop and achieved quite good results as all socio-economic indicators increased over the same period. The achieved results were outstanding efforts of the entire political system of the whole province together with the cooperation of organizations, individuals and the business community in drastically implementing dual target.

Reported by Ngoc Thanh – Translated by Vi Bao

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