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Enterprises rise investments amid positive growth

Update: 21-05-2024 | 13:08:39

The effectiveness of investment projects and the assessment of the local economy have many prospects as many investors continue to pour capital into Binh Duong along with the province implementing an effective green and sustainable development strategy in the new stage.

Mr. Vo Van Minh, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, receives and works with Sojitz Corporation

Investment expansion

According to the statistics from the Department of Planning and Investment, in the first 4 months of 2024, the total foreign direct investment (FDI) newly registered, adjusted, and contributed to buying shares throughout the province reached 324.4 million USD. In which, the industry that attracted the most is processing and manufacturing, accounting for over 95% of the total capital. This is an impressive and noteworthy result of Binh Duong in the context of intense competition for investment attraction.

Mr. Isago Tomoyuki, Deputy General Director of Sojitz Vietnam Co., Ltd. stated: "After more than 20 years of investment in Binh Duong, we highly appreciate the geographical position and business environment of the locality. Sojitz is currently conducting a survey to invest in a multi-story cold storage system to serve the import and export of goods in Binh Duong and the Southeast region. In the near future, the company hopes to expand cooperation and investment in high-quality warehouse logistics, Data Center, and semiconductor chip production.”

Mr. Eliseo Barcas, General Director of Tetra Pak Vietnam, announced that Tetra Pak will invest an additional 97 million euros in the beverage carton paper factory in Binh Duong, bringing the total investment from 2019 to now to over 217 million euros. This investment is part of the company's long-term production expansion plan in Vietnam to meet the increasing demand of the regional market. Eliseo Barcas, the company's representative, stated that since its inception, the factory in Binh Duong has quickly become one of the most advanced factories in the region, playing a crucial role in Vietnam as well as in Tetra Pak's global supply chain. This expansion is part of the company's plan to assert this as a market that drives strategic development for the entire region.

Tetra Pak's leadership affirmed that upcoming investment initiatives will be carried out in accordance with the company's commitment to environmental protection and corporate governance, maintaining sustainable standards throughout business operations. The company has closely collaborated with provincial agencies to ensure that production expansion adheres to Vietnam's legal regulations.

Favorable conditions created

Mr. Vo Van Minh, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, affirmed that Binh Duong is currently aiming to attract selective investment. The province has demonstrated a high level of readiness in attracting investment towards high-tech sectors, environmentally friendly practices, and sustainable development. The locality also focuses on enhancing the quality of business support services, promoting administrative reforms to create the best conditions for production and business activities.

Since the beginning of the year, the key industries of the province have been producing and trading smoothly, maintaining a growth momentum. In the photo: Production at Thuan An Garment Joint Stock Company

“Binh Duong welcomes projects from large corporations investing in the province. With the project of Sojitz Group, the province is ready to create all favorable conditions to promote implementation. With its convenient geographical location and the ongoing construction of connecting transportation routes, Binh Duong will be very advantageous for Sojitz Group to identify investment locations. The Provincial People's Committee will assign the Department of Industry and Trade to support the group in quickly establishing the investment position,” Mr. Vo Van Minh added.

According to provincial leaders, the areas of Data Center and semiconductor chip production proposed by Sojitz Corporation are highly suitable in terms of potential, resources, preparation, and alignment with the province's development strategy. The province will soon connect with relevant departments, especially the Department of Information and Communications, to actively support the corporation in achieving unified implementation of the project as soon as possible.

The provincial People's Committee leaders commit to enhancing the quality of investment environment in Binh Duong in the near future, including providing high-quality technical and social infrastructure, developing modern industrial parks, offering high-quality business support services; improving public service quality, creating favorable conditions for business registration, carrying out administrative procedures, and resolving legal issues.

Binh Duong focuses on developing strategic industries, especially those related to high technology and sustainable innovation. In the short term, the province is making efforts to implement measures to attract and train high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of investors.

Reported by Tieu My – Translated by Vi Bao

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