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Find opportunities in tough time

Update: 30-11-2022 | 10:39:57

Facing the common difficult situation of the economy at the end of the year, Binh Duong province promptly directed relevant departments and units to implement many activities to support businesses and employees. At a conference to meet businesses and industry associations in the province on labor and employment chaired by Provincial People's Committee, the province's efforts were showed in accompanying businesses, supporting employees in all circumstances.

Recently, the province has activated solutions to support and share difficulties with businesses and employees, such as: implement a plan to stabilize market prices, take care of employees on Tet festival, support trains and buses for workers to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet; campaign to reduce rent; propose support packages for employees; connect supply and demand markets to allocate labor resources from redundant enterprises to deficient enterprises... In addition, the province has directed industry and trade agencies to coordinate with domestic and foreign units to organize trade promotion activities, seek orders to support enterprises.

Currently, provincial industry and trade branch is striving to cooperate with many businesses in the Indian, Middle East and Chinese markets to find new orders, meet production and export needs of enterprises, and create jobs for employees.  This is a very large market area with over 3 billion people and a thriving economy. India alone has a market of more than 1.4 billion people, while the Middle East countries with a population of more than 400 million people are having very high consumption demand, opening many opportunities for businesses.

The good news is that Vietnam's products, such as phones, seafood, footwear, agricultural products, food, and household products, have been able to compete with Malaysian and Chinese products in this market. In recent years, the Indian market has also increased imports from Vietnam. In particular, at the Horasis India Meeting 2022 hosted in Binh Duong at the end of September, many investment cooperation opportunities between India and Vietnam in general and Binh Duong in particular were opened. Enterprises in the province have gained favorable conditions to exchange and connect with businesses in the region to improve their ability to find opportunities with new partners, jointly promote trade, attract investment, expand cooperation.

In difficulties, there are always opportunities, the province has actively created opportunities for businesses and continues to support connections. Therefore, it can be affirmed that difficulties are temporary, opportunities are wide open. The timely companionship and sharing of the province in the face of difficulties at the end of the year will give more motivation for businesses to maintain business operations, find new orders as well as create jobs for employees.

Reported by K.Tan - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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