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Firm steps of reforms

Update: 19-04-2024 | 12:13:33

Bau Bang is a young district with great development potentials. Today's development is a long journey that the authorities and people of the entire district have tirelessly strived for, forming a solid foundation and premise for Bau Bang district to steadily rise and become a civilized and prosperous land.

In 10 years of establishment, Bau Bang district has greatly changed

Major achievements gained

In these April days of joining the joyous celebration of the authorities and people of Bau Bang district commemorating the 10th anniversary of its establishment, we returned to Bau Bang district to witness the changes as well as the shared joy of the local people. Coming to Bau Bang today and walking on the wide, clean streets, admiring the elegant, modern houses springing up closely, everyone can see the tremendous changes of the land.

Now, the inter-district and inter-commune roads of Bau Bang are becoming more beautiful. Many new roads have been opened, many high-rise buildings have appeared, contributing to making the urban face of the district more dignified and innovative. Up to now, 100% of the district roads have been hardened; the percentage of rural roads hardened has increased from 5.32% in 2014 to 47.64% by the end of 2023. The villages and towns of the district are also undergoing rapid changes. All are evidence of a new vitality, a strong rise of the countryside blending with the innovation of Binh Duong.

Social welfare and poverty reduction is particularly concerned as the material and spiritual life of the people in the district is increasingly improved. The quality of healthcare, education is enhanced. Cultural facilities continue to be invested in and promoted; cultural and artistic movements, physical activities are widely developed among the people creating a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere. Currently, Bau Bang is one of the industrial and urban centers in the north of the province, making important contributions to the overall development of Binh Duong province.

Mr. Vo Thanh Giau, Chairman of the People's Committee of Bau Bang district, said that after 10 years of establishment, Bau Bang has today put on a new appearance with a well-invested infrastructure system as the material and spiritual life of the people is constantly being improved - an important foundation for the district to continue promoting the heroic revolutionary tradition and stepping firmly on a new path with new determination to successfully fulfill tasks and build the more and more prosperous, beautiful, and civilized homeland of Bau Bang.

Public life comprehensive care

Throughout the development process, with the perspective that all citizens are entitled to the benefits of local development, Bau Bang district has carried out many practical, appropriate, and timely activities to demonstrate responsibility, care, and comprehensive care for the people. The motto of harmonizing economic development with improving people's quality of life has been well implemented by the district leadership; the guidelines and policies on social security ensure that all people fully enjoy the economic development achievements are timely implemented. The district also always focuses on taking care of the lives of policy families, revolutionary contributors, social protection beneficiaries. Therefore, the quality of life of local residents is increasingly improving. Currently, Bau Bang district only has 174 poor households accounting for 0.81% of the provincial poverty standards.

Based on the state budget and socialization in Bau Bang district, more than 160 cultural and sports facilities have been completed and put into operation; the cultural infrastructure system is increasingly luxurious to meet the needs of the people. Cultural and artistic activities, physical activities are regularly organized in various forms, meeting the spiritual enjoyment of the people.

Bau Bang in the past was resilient and indomitable in the struggle, Bau Bang today wears a new coat full of vitality, transforming vigorously on the path of industrialization and modernization. With the glorious tradition of a land with many achievements, the Party Committee, government, and people of Bau Bang district will continuously promote their strengths and achievements, experiences gained after 10 years of establishment, actively seize development opportunities, build more and more prosperous, civilized, and modern Bau Bang district; the people have increasingly enjoyed warm and happy lives.

Reported by Hong Phuong – Phu Hao – Translated by Vi Bao

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