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Focus on developing planting area codes

Update: 29-11-2023 | 15:23:58

In recent times, Binh Duong provincial Planting and Plant Protection Department has been actively promoting awareness and organizing training sessions in concentrated fruit-growing areas to help farmers gain a better understanding of the importance of establishing planting zone codes to meet export requirements.

Unifarm's banana product meets all the requirements for export

Until now, the entire province has been granted 24 plant protection codes for fruit cultivation, serving the export of fruit products with a total assigned area of 1,185.16 hectares. Among them, there are 14 packaging facilities assigned codes to serve the export of bananas, jackfruit, and durian to the Chinese market, with a total area of 20,200 square meters for these packaging facilities.

Focus on crops such as bananas, coconuts, durians, jackfruits, longans, and pomelos in the districts of Phu Giao, Bac Tan Uyen, Dau Tieng, Thuan An city, and Ben Cat town.

Currently, the assigned planting codes and packaging facilities within the country are being maintained and effectively controlling the quarantine objects of imported plants, without violating the regulations of importing countries. This contributes to enhancing the reputation of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international market and increasing export turnover.

Reported by Thoai Phuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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