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Four Vietnamese ground meat dishes among Top 61 in Asia

Update: 14-05-2024 | 15:05:14

Four Vietnamese delicacies have been named among the Top 61 Asian ground meat dishes as compiled by TasteAtlas, a website that discovers ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants around the world.

They include Bún chả (grilled pork meatballs with vermicelli noodles), Bò lá lốt (grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf), Nem lụi (grilled ground pork on lemongrass skewers), and Bánh mì xíu mại (Meatball Bánh Mì).

Bún chả

According to TasteAtlas’s latest rankings, Bún chả secured 17th spot.

The website noted that Bún chả is a pork and noodle dish which is intricately connected to Hanoi, where it is believed to have originated from.

“The dish combines three elements: a bowl of grilled pork meatballs served in a cold broth, a plate of rice noodles, and a combination of various fresh greens such as perilla leaves, lettuce, coriander, and morning glory,” it revealed.

It added that although Bún chả or similar varieties can be found in other parts of the nation, the version from the Vietnamese capital is held in the highest regard. Its international recognition peaked back in 2016 when it was eaten by TV presenter Anthony Bourdain and former President Barack Obama on the show "Parts Unknown".

Ranking 27th in the list, Bò lá lốt is a Vietnamese dish consisting of ground beef that is combined with spices and onions before it being wrapped in la lot leaves, occasionally known as wild betel.

Bò lá lốt

The rolls are then grilled over charcoal and are traditionally served together along with rice noodles, rice paper, lettuce, herbs, pickles, and dipping sauces.

TasteAtlas recommends that visitors enjoy Bò lá lốt by wrapping it in rice paper along with side dishes, garnishes, and condiments.

Nem lụi was at 38th, with the delicacy being a traditional Vietnamese dish originating from Hue.

Nem lụi

The website shared that the dish consists of ground pork grilled on a lemongrass skewer. Ground pork is molded around lemongrass sticks, brushed with oil, and then grilled until it is nicely charred.

Typically, Nem lụi is served alongside vegetables and rice paper which is rolled like a spring roll and accompanied by a sweet and sour peanut-sesame sauce for dipping.

Elsewhere, Bánh mì xíu mại ranked 46th in the list.

Bánh mì xíu mại

According to TasteAtlas, it is a traditional Vietnamese type of sandwich which is made with ground pork meatballs as the main ingredient.

The meatballs are usually made using a combination of ground pork, corn starch, fish sauce, garlic, black pepper, scallions, and jicama.

“They’re cooked in a sauce consisting of tomatoes, garlic, oil, sugar, and fish sauce. In order to prepare the sandwich, the meatballs are placed into a sliced bánh mì roll along with the sauce, and bánh mì xíu mại is then typically topped with coriander, pickled daikon and carrots, and sliced chili peppers, if desired,” it concluded.


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