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Giua Pho coffee shop opens in a new style

Update: 23-11-2009 | 00:00:00
Giua Pho (in the middle of the street place) coffee shop located on Thich Quang Duc road in Phu Hoa, Thu Dau Mot Town can be attractive to coffee fanfares. The shop is decorated with a row of snow white chairs with eye-catching sparkling lights at night. “I decorate it in a French way and name it to be a place for relax in the middle of the crowded places,” said Le Van Sinh – the shop owner. The white tone dominates interior with chocolate-color furniture. The whole structure is hand-covered by resin. On the pine-wood walls are currency coins old and new in Vietnam and other countries. The owner confirms the gentle and politeness of the place to serve mostly office clerks. Covering 400 square meters, Giua Pho coffee shop is warmly organized for friends and families with special corners for teenagers full of pictures and colorful packages. Reported by Tieu Lien – Translated by Vi Bao
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