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Grassroots trade unions join up the Covid-19 prevention and control

Update: 11-05-2021 | 12:39:02

Facing the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, over the past time, businesses as well as grassroots trade unions at all levels in the province have taken many measures to promote epidemic prevention and control in the new situation in order to improve the spirit of proactive prevention and control of epidemics among workers

Workers of Kim Xuong Footwear (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. are scanned for body temperature before working

Serious epidemic prevention and control in enterprises

Facing the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic as more infectious cases appeared in the communities; businesses in the province received the information and conducted extensive and strong propaganda to all their workers. To ensure health safety for workers, the trade unions in the companies cooperated with the Board of Directors to simultaneously implement many effective measures to prevent and control Covid-19. Enterprises have triggered the work of disease prevention and control at the highest level by maintaining respirator wear at all working sites, checking body temperature, forcing hand sanitizers before working hours, restricting visitors in and out if not necessary, distancing in the cafeterias etc. These are measures to prevent and control Covid-19 to ensure compliance with the direction of the Trade Union at all levels.

Being at Kim Xuong Footwear (Vietnam) Company Limited in Thu Dau Mot city on the first working days after the holidays, we witnessed the concentrated working atmosphere of the employees. In addition to the exciting working atmosphere, the employees of the whole company strictly implement the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic. In the company's campus, many banners, panels, posters propaganda about disease prevention and control are hung everywhere.

Ly Van Ca, Chairman of the trade union of Kim Xuong (Vietnam) Footwear Co., Ltd., said: “The propaganda on Covid-19 prevention and control at our company has been widely deployed in many forms: through website of the company, social networks, documents, and direct propaganda to continuously and promptly transmit information and recommendations of health agencies about the epidemic situation and thoroughly ask every employee not to be subjective and indifferent to well observe the regulations on disease prevention and control, especially the "5K" message of Ministry of Health.

In addition, all employees are taken temperature measurements before entering the gate; and, it is mandatory to wear masks. The company arranged hand sanitizer throughout the doors, at the hand sinks and as partitions for cafeterias. The company also regularly integrates propaganda content to prevent and combat Covid-19 pandemic in order to provide workers with the most concise and accurate information.

For the goal of both ensuring the health of employees and maintaining stable production and business activities, many enterprises in the province have focused on promoting disease prevention and control activities without being subjective to neglect regarding the prevention and control of Covid-19. Currently, a large number of workers are aware of the prevention and control of ovid-19 epidemic. They regularly monitor and capture information and the situation of the epidemic on the mass media in order to continue to perform well the epidemic prevention and control in the new situation.

Proactive medical reports among workers

At the end of the long holiday, many workers returned to work after traveling with family and friends. In order to join hands to prevent and against the Covid-19 epidemic, the trade unions of the companies cooperated with the mass organizations where many workers were staying in to guide them to proactively make full and accurate medical declarations.

On the last holiday, Pham Thi Hop's family in Binh Chuan ward of Thuan An city had a 3-day tour in Mui Ne of Binh Thuan. When she returned to her place to prepare for work, Hop and her family took the initiative in making medical reports. To ensure safety in the travel schedule, Hop shared that her family rented a car. Although it was more expensive, her family was safer than riding a bus. “When I returned to my residence, I received a message informing the company union about the medical report issue during the holidays, and some youth union friends came to their home to propagate and guide medical reporting. Therefore, I actively and clearly declared the travel schedule, vehicle and location in 3 days of our family holiday,” said Hop.

Like Hop, Phan Thanh Son, a worker at Nam Thanh Company in Dong Hoa ward of Di An city has just made medical declarations by phone for the whole family. Holding a phone in his hand, Son said: “Before the holiday, we were reminded by the company about the matter of medical reporting. Although I did not go far for the holidays, I still conducted a medical report for peace of mind. I see this as a meaningful act to join hands to fight off the epidemic.”

Currently, Binh Duong provincial People's Committee has issued a letter requesting departments, branches, localities and businesses to continue improving measures to prevent and control Covid-19 in the new situation. Along with that, the provincial Trade Union also directed the superior level trade union and the grassroots to coordinate with the enterprises to review the disease prevention and control, to propagate to workers to seriously implement disease prevention and control measures both in factories and on the street and the hostels. Thanks to regular propaganda and reminders from departments, including the trade unions, employees have strictly followed the regulations on prevention and control of Covid-19. Employee mentality is also stable as there has been no panic and anxiety for concentration on production activities.

Reported by Hong Phuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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