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Green transformation for sustainable development

Update: 15-04-2024 | 14:40:48

Binh Duong is promoting green transformation for sustainable development, aiming to build a model of scientific and technological industrial parks, new-generation, green and smart industrial parks.

Optimizing the use of renewable energy

Since 2016, Binh Duong has implemented the construction of a smart city, in which innovation and sustainable development are two important criteria in the development orientation. Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Deputy Permanent Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said that Binh Duong has been and is implementing the integrated planning work with a vision towards 2050 to promote the development of new generation, green and smart industrial park models, scientific and technological industrial parks, the destination for technology and knowledge-intensive enterprises, environmentally friendly; promote research and development, encourage experimentation, apply new technologies in practice, create optimal conditions for business development, support innovation and creativity in production and business.

Binh Duong is heading towards developing a new generation green industrial park model. In the photo: A corner of VSIP 2 industrial park is viewed.

After 5 consecutive years in the Top 21, including 3 years in the Top 7 of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), in 2023, the smart city - the innovative creative region of Binh Duong was honored by ICF with the Top 1 award. As a leading industrial and urban real estate developer in Vietnam, Becamex IDC continues to pioneer the promotion of green and efficient energy transition in Binh Duong through cooperation with major international partners, including the United Kingdom. Binh Duong smart city is becoming a hub for science and technology, a destination for startups and research projects applying, testing new technologies, and commercializing them.

To prepare for upcoming programs for the development and application of science and technology, recently Becamex IDC has collaborated with partners Q-Energy and the UK Department for International Trade to organize a seminar sharing about green energy technology and research direction to optimize the use of renewable energy. Statement at the seminar, Mr. Mai Hung Dung emphasized, this cooperation program not only demonstrates support, readiness for experimentation, application of new technologies in Binh Duong, but also an opportunity to enhance capacity and learn experience in the field of green energy conversion, optimizing sustainable energy use. This cooperation program will be the foundation for widespread application on a larger scale throughout the province.

Consul General Emily Hamblin of the United Kingdom in Ho Chi Minh City said: "Green energy has become a key focus of partnership between Vietnam and the United Kingdom, energy transition is the driving force behind the relationship between the two countries. Binh Duong is the first province to pilot test green energy conversion technology, optimize the use of renewable energy, shift industrial zones to green and sustainable, contributing to sustainable development in Binh Duong."

Green initiatiaves promoted

In the smart city development strategy of the province, Becamex IDC plays a leading role in building an innovative ecosystem, creating a foundation to support and promote development based on innovation and technology. Eastern International University (EIU) is the core element, a center for training, research, application, and technology transfer.

At the seminar, the official partners announced the Green Transformation Technology Experiment and Research Collaboration Project (VIETPULSE) at Eastern International University (EIU). Ph.D. Ngo Minh Duc, Rector of EIU, said: "At EIU, we are gradually perfecting an open ecosystem, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation with many operating models such as Fablab, sustainable solutions center, Industry 4.0 center, advanced manufacturing center, cybersecurity center etc. The collaboration project between EIU and Q-Energy is a first step for EIU in testing the smart energy trading platform for upgrading energy storage capabilities and using electric vehicles."

The VIETPULSE project is proposed to address fundamental issues in the use of renewable energy in Vietnam such as the imbalance of the power grid, the instability in supplying energy to users. Mr. Hoang Van Khoa, Technical Director of Q-Energy, said: "After officially deploying the basic infrastructure for the project such as solar energy panel system, electric vehicle charging stations, energy storage battery system, two-way motorcycle battery exchange station, Q-Energy, EIU and partners will collaborate to carry out research. Specifically, research and deploy an energy management system to optimize electricity consumption, install renewable energy systems; research the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies. The project will be implemented over 2 years, starting from the beginning of April 2024.”

Reported by Phuong Le – Translated by Vi Bao

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