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Half tenure of implementing resolution of 11th provincial Party Congress: Imprint of efforts to overcome difficulties and high determination

Update: 19-09-2023 | 10:34:49

After half way of implementing the Resolution of the 11th provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure, with efforts to overcome difficulties, the spirit of solidarity, creativity and determination of the entire political system, business community and people from strata, Binh Duong has overcome the pandemic, overcoming difficulties and challenges, promoting recovery, economic development and ensuring social welfare.

Overcome difficulties, challenges

Binh Duong has implemented the Resolution of the 11th provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure in the context of many complicated impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic causing "unprecedented" consequences. The world, regional and domestic situations are changing rapidly, complicatedly and unpredictably. The world economy has just shown signs of recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, but is in recession, due to the impact of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict... All have created enormous challenges for the implementation process of the resolution.

Over the past time, Binh Duong focused on building infrastructure, speeding up the progress of site clearance and starting construction for  many key traffic projects. In picture: Groundbreaking ceremony of the belt road 3 project - Ho Chi Minh city, the section through Binh Duong province

In that context, with high determination, solidarity and efforts to overcome all difficulties and challenges, provincial Party Committee and Party Standing Committee have focused on leading, directing, concretizing and implementing the goals and tasks of the Resolution of the 11th provincial Party Congress and the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress drastically and effectively. Provincial Party Committee has promptly led and directed the implementation of policies and measures to continue socio-economic development; focused on directing investment in key projects, especially traffic infrastructure ones to create new development space and connect the region; attached special importance to cultural and social development, ensuring social welfare and improving people's lives, especially during and after the pandemic; strengthened the task of maintaining political security, social order and safety and focused on foreign affairs; promoted the work of building the Party and political system; strengthened prevention of corruption, negativity, wastefulness...

Creating solid premise


Thanks to maintaining the spirit of solidarity, unity, leadership and direction of drastic and synchronous implementation of solutions, the province's socio-economic situation in the last half tenure achieved many very good results. The economic structure continued shifting towards increasing the proportion of industrial manufacture and trade – services. The agricultural sector developed stably. In difficult conditions, the province still attracted foreign investment and maintained export activities. The average income per capita next year was higher than last year. The province’s total
State budget revenue ensured assigned plans, targets and reached annual growth under the corresponding ratio to create resources to spend on development investment, ensuring social welfare... The movements to build new-style rural areas, advanced and model new-style rural areas, smart villages, smart cities, promote science and technology development associated with digital transformation, management of land, natural resources, minerals, urban management and construction were strengthened with encouraging results.

Espencially, the province focused on building infrastructure, coordinating with provinces and cities in the Southeastern region to speed up the progress of site clearance and start construction of a number of key traffic projects with regional connectivity, namely the belt road 3, the belt road 4, Ho Chi Minh city - Chon Thanh expressway, expanded National Highway 13...; actively participated in tasks assigned by the Southeastern Coordinating Council, promoting the region's socio-economic situation towards rapid and sustainable development, protecting the environment and ensuring national defense and security, contributing to effectively implementing the Politburo’s Resolution No. 24-NQ/TW, dated October 7, 2022.

The province also paid more attention to the fields of culture, improving the spiritual life of the people, healthcare, education and social welfare. The province’s education - training and vocational education reached many positive changes. The results of the province's high school graduation exam over the past years gained high rankings compared to other provinces and cities nationwide. The province also paid more attention to policies on social welfare and support for revolutionary contributors and those with difficult circumstances before, during and after the pandemic, promptly "leaving no one behind".

The province’s national defense - security and military work were carried out synchronously and stably. Foreign affairs activities were comprehensively deployed, including Party diplomacy, State diplomacy and people-to-people diplomacy. The work of building a clean and strong Party and political system was always emphasized. The arrangement of the organization and apparatus of the political system from province to grassroots levels was seriously implemented in the direction of streamlining, reducing focal points associated with streamlining staff. The province’s Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations and the great national unity bloc were consolidated, especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic... Overcoming difficulties, challenges and reaching achievements results in socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security, building a clean and strong political system that the Party Committee, government and people of Binh Duong strived to achieve for nearly 3 years has created a solid foundation and premise, encouraging the entire Party, people and army in the province to strive to successfully implement the goals and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 11th provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure.

One of the highlights after nearly 3 years of implementing the Resolution of the 11th provincial Party Congress is the focus on drastically and synchronously implementing solutions to improve the local investment environment and incentive policies, thereby upholding its effectiveness and creating favorable conditions to mobilize investment resources for socio-economic development. Espencially, the province’s FDI attration has so far exceeded the target for the entire tenure. Particularlly, in the period of 2020-2023, the whole province has attracted US$9.56 billion in FDI capital. The figure is likely to be US$13.2 billion by the end of the term. Under the resolution, the figure is over US$ 9 billion...

Reported by Dam Thanh-Translated by Kim Tin

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