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Handling violations of traffic safety on inland waterway strengthened

Update: 15-04-2024 | 12:08:39

The Inspectorate of provincial Department of Transport said the unit is increasing the deployment of forces to handle violations of traffic order and safety on inland waterway.

Accordingly, the Department’s Inspectorate has organized many tours to inspect and handle violations on inland waterway traffic safety and operational conditions at inland waterway ports and wharves. The Department’s Inspectorate has also coordinated with other forces to inspect and handle violations related to regulations on the operational conditions of vehicles and drivers, including registration and inspection of vehicles; vehicle conversion; diplomas and professional certificates of crew members and vehicle drivers…

Along with that, the Department’s Inspectorate has paid attention to inspecting and handling tourist boats and passenger vehicles that do not ensure operational conditions under the regulations as well as exploitation and transportation of mineral resources that are not in accordance with regulations related to inland waterway...

Reported by Binh Minh-Translated by Kim Tin

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