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Hotels for quarantine quickly install another cameras, connect national data

Update: 13-05-2021 | 18:05:54

A delegation of provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control made an inspection tour on Covid-19 prevention and control at hotels for paid quarantine on the morning of May 12.

Members of the delegation at Saigon Park Resort Hotel in Thuan An city’s Binh Chuan ward

Particularly, members of the delegation directly supervised Covid-19 prevention and control at Saigon Park Resort Hotel in Thuan An city’s Binh Chuan ward, and Tan Khoi Dat Hotel in Tan Uyen town’s Vinh Tan ward.

Through inspection at the 2 hotels, members of the delegations said that hotel businesses in the province have always accompanied and supported the province to ensure the requirements of concentrated isolation for experts to Binh Duong for working. The province has always respected and acknowledged contributions by businesses.

Representative of the delegation said that isolation work in the isolation areas of the two hotels have well ensured regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control. However, the two hotels need to ensure 21-day isolation for cases under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, provincial Department of Health. The stage of taking samples for Covid-19 testing should be done carefully at least 3 times on the first day, the 14th day and the 20th day of the isolation period.

Representative of the delegation also suggested hotels to quickly add camera systems and connect data to the national data system.

Reported by Kim Ha-Translated by K.T

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