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Humanitarian Month with significant activities

Update: 24-04-2024 | 10:59:38

The Humanitarian Month which takes place in May every year has become one of the key annual activities of the Red Cross Socieites at all levels. In order to help and create motivation to promote the rise of poor families, especially the disadvantaged in society, this year's Humanitarian Month is implemented by provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels with many meaningful activities.

Starting early

Although this year's Humanitarian Month has not officially begun, in recent days, many practical response activities have been "launched". Activities such as giving gifts to people in need, awarding scholarships to poor-but-excellent students, organizing volunteer models, responding to community walking campaigns to organizing voluntary blood donation... have taken place in many localities. These activities have connected and spread the spirit of "mutual affection and mutual love" in the community, bringing joy to many unfortunate situations in life.

Nguyen Van Loi, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly deputy delegation presents flowers and grateful boards to donors who have accompanied the local authorities in taking care of poor families

To mark the 26th anniversary of the Vietnam Day of people with Disabilities (April 18) and respond to this year's Humanitarian Month, the Red Cross Society of Phu Cuong ward in Thu Dau Mot city organized a program giving gifts for the local people with disabilities. Accordingly, the ward’s Red Cross Society mobilized and gave gifts worth VND500,000 each for 25 disabled people with difficult circumstances. Vo Thi Kim Thanh, Chairwoman of the ward’s Red Cross Society said that this activity has demonstrated the spirit of "mutual love, mutual affection" in the community. Each gift given to people with disabilities is the result of the joint efforts of compassionate hearts. "Even though not being great, these gifts will partially help people with disabilities overcome difficulties and strive to integrate into the community", Mrs. Thanh shared.

As part of a series of activities to respond to this year's Humanitarian Month, the Red Cross Society of Vinh Phu ward in Thuan An city  also held a launching ceremony of the "Kindness Kitchen" yesterday (April 23) at Co Phat Hai coffee business facility in Tay quarter. From 10 to 12 o'clock on the 15th lunar day of each month, the "Kindness Kitchen" will provide 250-300 free vegetarian meals for the poor. Resources to implement and maintain this volunteer model are supported by Phat Hai coffee business facility and donors. Along with other volunteer kitchens and eateries in the ward, the "Kindness Kitchen" will bring heart-warming free meals to disadvantaged people.

In recent days, provincial Red Cross Society has also brought a lot of joy to the poor, disadvantaged families, especially students at risk of dropping out of school in the province. The "Zero-dong market” program was held on April 24, supporting necessities for people and awarding scholarships to disadvantaged students. The program gave vounchers going to the “zero-dong” market for 300 local workers, people and visually impaired people with difficult circumstances with a total value of over VND 690 million. Each of then was given a gift worth VND 1.5 million, including essential necessities and VND 500,000 in cash. Along with that, provincial Red Cross Society awarded scholarships for the first quarter of 2024 to 80 students. Each student received a scholarship worth VND 3 million and a gift.

Du Thi Kim Khanh from Dat Cuoc commune in North Tan Uyen district was very emotional when she went to the "Zero-dong” market organized by provincial Red Cross Society. Khanh's income is not enough to cover her living expenses, due to have a poor circumstance with unstable employment. Her husband is also unemployed. They have one child who is married, but he is also poor. Therefore, he cannot provide any support for them. "I received many gifts. For my family, these necessities are very practical, helping cover living expenses for the whole month", she shared.

Many meaningful activities

In association with the movement of "Good people, good deeds - Joining forces to build a compassionate community", activities during the local Humanitarian Month will be held throughout the Red Cross system, integrating activities to increase effects, spreading to people from all strata, ensuring practicality towards the community. To do that, provincial Red Cross Society has soon set up a plan and deployed it to its branches throughout the province for joint implementation.

Leaders of the province and units award scholarships to the local disadvantaged students at the event awarding scholarships to disadvantaged students and "Zero-dong” market" organized by the local Red Cross Society on April 23

Nguyen Van Tinh, Chairman of Bau Bang district’s Red Cross Society said that as of now, the district’s Red Cross Society has deployed the Humanitarian Month plan to its branches. Accordingly, during this Humanitarian Month, each branch will provide livelihood support, attaching humanitarian addresses to at least 7 poor households, with a minimum support value of VND 5 million per household; carry out at least 1 humanitarian work. Along with that, there will be other humanitarian activities such as organizing "Zero-dong” market-days; building and upgrading “Red Cross” houses; providing free medical check-ups, medicine and gifts; holding  voluntary blood donation…

Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of provincial Red Cross Society said that in order to spread the spirit of kindness and support the community, provincial Red Cross Society has set up a plan to implement this year's Humanitarian Month with the theme of "Journey of Humanity- Giving and receiving love". Accordingly, provincial Red Cross Societies at all levels will strive to mobilize VND 10 billion to implement activities during the Humanitarian Month and be ready to meet requests for humanitarian assistance in 2024 in cash and goods through memoranda of understanding, cooperation agreements, sponsorship contracts...

The entire association system will support 100% humanitarian addresses. Particularly, provincial Red Cross Society will mobilize resources to carry out many meaningful humanitarian activities, including awarding scholarships to disadvantaged students in the first and second quarters of 2024; support the task of building and upgrading kitchens for boarding schools in districts with difficulties; organize other humanitarian activities such as holding “zero-dong” market-days; building and repairing “Red Cross” houses; organizing voluntary blood donation; giving livelihood support, unexpected gifts…

This year's Humanitarian Month starts from May 1 to May 31, 2024, with the peak from May 8 (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day) to May 19, 2024 (Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, Founder and first Honorary Chairman of the association).

Reported by Hong Thuan-Translated by Kim Tin

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