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Industrial manufacturing of the province continues to develop

Update: 13-05-2021 | 16:10:48

Over first four months of the year, the industrial production index in the province was estimated to increase by 7.75% over the same period last year. In an effort to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry, the province has been implementing some policies and solutions to stimulate manufacturing and business activities, solve difficulties, and assist companies.

Optimistic signs

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect manufacturing, import export activities of enterprises. However, with more than a year of experience in "living together" with the pandemic, companies changed their business strategies by enhancing e-commerce, changing key products, actively searching for new suppliers of input materials, expanding consumption markets.

Despite facing many difficulties and challenges due to the COVID-19, the province's industrial manufacturing retained a high growth rate. In photo: Manufacturing at Chutex International Company (Song Than Industrial Park).

Accordingly, the production and business situation of manufacturing companies in April 2021 continued to remain stable and grow well; there was a strong flourishing of export market with a high growth rate. Some major export markets are: The US increased 3 times over the same period last year, Korea 24.4%; Japan 7.9%, Taiwan 6.1%; Hong Kong 73.6%. Many enterprises with foreign direct investment capital in fields of wood processing, computers, electronics, components, machinery, equipment, spare parts, footwear etc. recovered quite quickly, contributing to boosting the growth of general industrial production index in the province. The province's industrial production index over the first 4 months of 2021 was estimated to increase by 7.75% over the same period last year (4 months of 2020 it increased by 4.06%); compared to other provinces and cities in the region and the country, this is a good growth rate.

In fact, the province's industrial production has had a rapid recovery and regained its strong growth. Companies actively developed production plans, proactively sought input material sources and planed for product consumption in each specific period. A number of industries achieved high growth rates over the same period last year, such as processing industry with an increase of 7.87%, this industry plays a key role in promoting the overall growth of the whole industry. Wood processing and wood products increased by 18.23%; manufacture of prefabricated metal products (except for machinery and equipment) increased by 9.64%; manufacture of electronic products, computers and optical products increased by 8.37%; electrical equipment increased by 6.72%; beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs up 30.53%; beverages increased by 27%; motor vehicle manufacture increased by 22.6%; chemicals and chemical products by 22%; electronic equipment, computers and optical products by 21%; paper and paper products increased by 16.4%; wood processing and wood products increased by 15%...

Efforts to maintain

Nguyen Thanh Toan, Director of provincial Department of Industry and Trade, said that in the spirit of initiative and drastic implementation of the "dual goals", in which prevention control of the COVID-19 and fulfillment of the 2021 targets are carried out at the same time, the Department continued to accelerate administrative reform, creating favorable conditions for companies. In order to stimulate industrial development in remaining months of the year, besides supporting and creating favorable conditions for businesses, the department cooperates with Provincial Industrial Parks' Management Board to boost investment in infrastructure construction, attract more production projects in industrial zones and clusters; strengthen state management of land, create favorable conditions and assist enterprises to develop manufacturing and business.

According to Mai Ba Truoc, Director of provincial Department of Planning and Investment, the province always strives to promptly solve difficulties and problems, creating favorable conditions for investors and companies to boost production business activities.  Binh Duong continues to show high determination, constantly makes efforts to effectively implement the "dual goals", especially in attracting FDI capital. Many industrial zones have been rushing to complete investment procedures, pooling resources to build more modern infrastructure, and plan to attract supporting industries in order to create the best conditions for investors in the coming period, help the industry to retain its growth momentum.

 In 2021, the province continues to develop industry combined with urban development, stabilize growth rate to stimulate the development of other industries and fields; prioritize the attraction and development of supporting industries with modern, environmentally friendly and less labor intensive technologies, contributing to product localization. Besides, the province continues to boost online investment promotion and fully prepare infrastructure conditions to welcome big investors; strives to achieve an increase of about 9.2% in 2021 industry index.

 Reported by Ngoc Thanh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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