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Key education reaps sweet fruits after continuous efforts

Update: 21-02-2024 | 11:22:06

In recent years, thanks to the attention of local authorities, along with the efforts of education training sector and the companionship of parents and students, the quality of the province's key education has improved. Spearhead education has been fostering and training high-quality human resources for the future, affirming the position of Binh Duong education on the education map of Vietnam.

Binh Duong students at the latest national excellent student exam.

Reap sweet fruits

In the joyful atmosphere of the new spring, Binh Duong Education and Training sector received very good news that in the national exam to select excellent students, the province excellently brought home 42 prizes with 6 second prizes, 12 third prizes and 24 consolation prizes, an increase of 11 prizes compared to the last year's exam. Binh Duong has 1 student qualified to take the national team selection exam for the regional and international Olympic competition in chemistry. This "sweet fruit" is a testament to the tireless efforts of teachers and students and the special attention of the province.

Hung Vuong High School for the Gifted (Thu Dau Mot City), which is known as the cradle of key educational training in the province. With dozens of national-level prizes and hundreds of provincial-level prizes each year, the school is the leading unit contributing students to the team of excellent students participating in the national exam to select excellent students. Nguyen Van Son, Principal of the school, said that in the 2023-2024 school year, the school contributed 41/42 national-level excellent student awards to the province. To do this job well, right from the time students entering 10th grade, the school conducts surveys to select students with good qualities and abilities to join the team of students who are good at each subject. At the same time, the school also plans to train the team in a specific and scientific way and selects qualified and experienced teachers to train the team.

“In addition to fostering good students, the school also focuses on developing student capacity through scientific research activities and some other fields. Thanks to that, the school's students have achieved many high achievements in competitions in many fields. In the recent provincial science and technology competition, a project named "Recycling waste glass as a structural material to replace sand in concrete production" by school students won first prize and was selected to compete at the national level taking place in March. This is one of the honor and pride of Hung Vuong school," Son added.

In addition to the national excellent student exam, the province's spearhead education also made its impression in the national science and technology competition for high school students. In the 2022-2023 school year, surpassing many units, the project "Smart toilets in schools" of students at My Phuoc Junior High School (Ben Cat Town) won the promising award and the project "Detection tools of Tinopal whitening agent in vermicelli noodles based on the photo-luminescence phenomenon" of students of Thanh Tuyen High School (Dau Tieng district) won fourth prize in the national science and technology competition...

In addition to the national excellent student exam, Binh Duong's spearhead education also make impression in the science and technology competition. In photo: Department of Education & Training awards prizes to projects winning high prizes at the 2024 science and technology competition.

The above achievements are testament to the leadership and right direction of Department of Education & Training; the persistent efforts of teachers, students and the support, companionship of parents. This is also evidence for the outstanding development of Binh Duong's spearhead education, affirming the capacity and potential of provincial students.

Continue to rise up

Recognizing the importance of key education in developing high-quality human resources for the province, in recent times, Binh Duong has devoted investment resources to this field. With the right investment and efforts of the entire education system, Binh Duong's spearhead education has reaped many proud achievements. In recent years, overcoming difficulties, Binh Duong students have continuously achieved high results in national excellent student exams.

Nguyen Thi Nhat Hang, Director of Provincial Department of Education & Training, said that in recent years, the number of students winning prizes in Binh Duong's national excellent student exam has been increasing. To further develop the achieved results, the Department of Education & Training will direct schools to continue implementing solutions to improve quality in general and key educational quality in particular, such as: to enhance the emulation movement of good teaching - good learning to meet the requirements of educational innovation; Increase investment in material facilities and equipment to best meet teaching and learning requirements; build a team of good managers and teachers in terms of quality and capacity, focusing on building a team of key teachers who teach good students at all levels...

Binh Duong's spearhead education is in a strong development, affirming its position on the education map of Vietnam. This is the result of the investment of the local government, the efforts of the education sector and the companionship of parents and students. With good orientations and efforts, Binh Duong's key education will continue to reap more achievements, contributing to the overall development of the province.

 In the national exam for selecting excellent high school students for the 2023-2024 school year, Binh Duong had 76 students participating and winning 42 prizes. According to the plan, in March 2024, the Ministry of Education & Training will organize an exam to select high school students to join national teams for the 2024 regional and international Olympics in math, physics, chemistry, biology and information technology.

 Reported by Hong Phuong - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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