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Land of good fortune

Update: 25-05-2024 | 09:46:26

Binh Duong is home to many large industrial parks, attracting a large number of workers from all over the country. Young people nationwide have come here to live and set up themselves in business. Some people met their love when coming to Binh Duong to set up themselves in business. There were also couples who loved each other from their hometown, but decided to hold hands and come to Binh Duong to build up a family.

After hard working hours, workers want to have a peaceful home to build and share together. This desire has prompted them to find their other half and get married. However, for many workers, the cost of organizing a wedding is out of reach. Moreover, for many couples, the burden of both families makes them temporarily put aside a dream of wedding and decide to just register their marriage and "contribute rice together". There are also many couples who have been together for more than a decade and their children have grown up, but their dream of holding hands and stepping onto the wedding stage has not yet been fulfilled.

Six young worker couples get support for a civilized, economical wedding ceremony from provincial Support Center for Young Workers

To realize the incomplete happiness of young worker couples, provincial Support Center for Young Workers has accompanied them in establishing their position in life, setting up themselves in business and building a warm and happy family life. Accordingly, for the past 10 years, the center organized civilized, economical collective wedding ceremonies for the couples of young workers living away from home with difficult circumstances. They were fully funded for these collective wedding ceremonies and also received many gifts from the organization board of the program.

Being present at that wedding ceremony, witnessing the tears of happiness falling on the cheeks of the brides after many years of waiting for the great day, mixed with blessings for the couples and laughter of children when witnessing their parents' happiness..., we can fully feel the meaning of the  program.

The next episode of the "I love Binh Duong" program conducted by Binh Duong Newspaper will introduce the happiness of young worker couples in a civilized, economical wedding ceremony to the audience. The program will be broadcast at 6 am on Sunday (May 26, 2024) at: www.baobinhduong. vn and on social networking platforms of Binh Duong Newspaper such as: YouTube, Facebook, Zalo, TikTok...

Reported by Ngoc Nhu-Translated by Kim Tin

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