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Leaders of Ben Cat meet, share information with businesses

Update: 11-06-2024 | 11:09:02

In order to further implement the "Morning Coffee with Citizens and Businesses" model, on the morning of June 10, leaders of Ben Cat city met to listen to the concerns of the local residents and businesses, aiming at promptly addressing current obstacles.

During the more than one-hour session, leaders of the city and representatives of the city’s departments listened to the concerns and aspirations of residents and businesses, who raised various issues such as land parceling, business taxes, difficulties in accessing bank loans, environmental procedures in production and business activities.

Leaders of the city and representatives of the city’s relevant departments responded to issues within the local competence. For issues beyond their authority, leaders of the city compiled them and will submit them to higher-level departments, sectors and authorities for consideration and resettlement.

Reported by Tri Dung-Trung Hieu-Translated by Kim Tin

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