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Leaders of Thu Dau Mot City meet and congratulate the city's Red Cross Association

Update: 23-11-2023 | 11:49:31

On the 77th anniversary of Vietnam Red Cross Society (November 23, 1946 - November 23, 2023), on November 22, Standing Committee of Thu Dau Mot City Party Committee held a meeting to congratulate the city’s Red Cross. Nguyen Van Dong, Provincial Party Standing Committee member, Secretary of Thu Dau Mot City Party Committee, attended the ceremony.

At the meeting, leaders of the city's Red Cross Association said that in 2023, the entire association has performed well humanitarian, charity, and social security activities, contributing to taking care of disadvantaged people in the area. From mobilization and donation resources, the association organized 38 "zero-Dong market" days, distributed 5,160 shopping vouchers to disadvantaged people, with a total value of nearly 2.6 billion VND; did new construction and repair of 20 Red Cross houses with a total cost of over 2 billion VND. In addition, the association mobilized voluntary blood donation and reached 122.6% of the assigned target; the "zero-Dong Kitchen" in 14/14 wards with 21 kitchens opened regularly, cooking and distributing more than 134,400 meals and breakfasts worth nearly 1.9 billion VND...

Speaking at the meeting, city leaders hoped that the association would continue to closely follow the proposed work contents and innovate activities to mobilize more resources, contributing to the effective implementation of local social welfare work.

Reported by Cam Ly - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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