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Let happiness spread to all people

Update: 24-03-2023 | 12:41:10

The theme of this year’s International Day of Happiness (March 20) is “Happiness for all people”. This theme is even truer in the field of literature and art. This is because if a work of literature and art is well received by many people, both the author and the audience will be happy.

Joining hands to cultivate happiness

There are many concepts as well as many good sayings about happiness. Some people say that happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction and completeness. When happiness takes on many different meanings, it is often described with an association of positive emotions and life satisfaction. Others say that happiness is the feeling and satisfaction with each person's life. It's much simpler and more idyllic than what people still think of.

Happiness is to meet together to talk about poetry and enjoy poetry works set to music sometimes. In picture: Binh Duong poets and music writers take a souvenir photo on the occasion of Vietnam Poetry Day 2023

For young people, happiness is when they appreciate what they have and always make efforts for the future. For people falling in love, if they are really happy together, even if they don't speak a word, two people can still feel love by giving each other loving glances and happy smiles. For doctors and nurses, their happiest thing is the smile, the happiness of patients when being cured. As for healthy people, when being healthy, they are already luckier and happier than many people! Health is the foundation of happiness.

In Binh Duong, in order to help many people with difficult circumstances rise up in life, many organizations, individuals and donors have joined hands to carry out many meaningful volunteer activities. These volunteer activities have attracted more and more people to participate in. This is because for them, "being given is happiness". Besides, localities have established many clubs to build happy families. On weekends, Tet and great holidays, many funny and unique cultural and artistic activities are held everywhere. Through these activities, authorities and people all want to spread happiness to every home like the slogan of the International Day of Happiness 2023: "A happy family is the foundation of a happy nation." .

Creating art to spread happiness

When talking to writers in Binh Duong, we had the opportunity to understand more about their thoughts when composing, especially to reconsider whether "creating art to be happy" or "happy when creating art".

With the poet “Trang khuyet” (Crescent Moon), creating art is for happiness. This is because in life, when putting all our thoughts into successfully and effectively doing something, we feel happy. Like people to people, how to live well is also an art of living in the way of making human behavior. In the life of parents, brothers, wives and husbands, children, relatives..., living in warmness inside and peace outside is also an art of living ethically and tolerantly. As for work, if we always think, always create to produce a perfect product and have success, achieve what we dream of..., joy comes, happiness comes immediately.

According to Vuong Kim Dung, a retired teacher, composing is to create and write a new cultural and artistic work than the old one. Therefore, composing means "sharing your happiness" with readers while the readers also feel that they are "happy and predestined" to read the work. In general, both sides are happy to have that work. Creating art to spread happiness is more correct. This is because creating art is to share your work to everyone, bringing joy and happiness to readers of your work.

Sharing more about her current life, Mrs. Dung said that including "the mother's age", she is 85 years old. Her mind remembers first and forgets later. She can’t think as much as before. Therefore, for 2 years, she did not post anything on social networks. Occasionally, she surfs the internet to relax. Now, she only reads books, listens to music, and watches movies online. For her, if being able to write a work now, she is very happy. Having the opportunity to re-read her articles, she smiled and said: "Why do I feel so good!".

As for author Nguyen Minh Ngoc Ha, if they think that their creation bears some artistic responsibilities and missions, they will be happy with their creation when their work is well received or fulfills its mission expected. Therefore, this female author often writes to show her heart via words. Recently, when she attended the funeral of Meritorious Artist Vu Linh, with the feeling of mourning for her idol’s death, she has written a poem and a song that are very emotional.

Reported by Thuc Van-Translated by Kim Tin

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