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Local education-training sector raises alert of Covid-19 spread

Update: 14-05-2021 | 13:02:44

In the context of the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic in some localities, the province’s education and training sector has got ready for online teaching in order to complete the school year's tasks as well as preparing for the 10th grade entrance exam, the high school graduation exam in 2021.

Being proactive to deploy online teaching

Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Director of provincial Department of Education and Training (DoET) said that in the face of the current urgent situation, provincial DoET has asked for principals of units and schools to actively adjust their teaching plans, but they ensure sufficient contents of the school year’s program. Schools need to have plans to be ready to deploy online teaching for pupils in line with the development of the pandemic to ensure the successful completion of the 2020-2021 school year program.

9th graders at Chu Van An Secondary School in Thu Dau Mot City actively prepare for the 10th grade entrance exam

Also due to the rapid spread of the pandemic, the local education and training sector has adjusted the exam schedule for the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year for pupils at all levels. For Thu Dau Mot city, on May 8, secondary schools completed the exam for the second semester. From May 10, they have organized online teaching for 6th, 7th, 8th graders to ensure safety for pupils’ health. Tu Quoc Thanh, Principal of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Secondary School said that the school's teachers have used the Zoom software for online teaching, so they can still check pupils' participation in classes. As of now, the school’s pupils have completed their second semester exam, so the school has mainly taught the remaining lessons in order to finish the school year’s program during the period.

During the current period, the sector has always updated the development of Covid-19 pandemic to make appropriate decisions in organizing teaching activities for pupils. For Di An city, leaders of the city’s training-education sector directed secondary schools to organize online teaching for pupils in blocs that do not participate in the 10th grade entrance exam at a meeting with principals of city-based schools on May 11.

Similarly, Tan Uyen town’s Division of Education and Training has directed primary and secondary schools to organize online teaching from May 12  after the second semester exam.  In case of pupils not participating in online learning, schools will organize direct teaching, but must strictly follow instructions on measures against the pandemic.

Raising Covid-19 alert

Along with focusing on completing the tasks of the 2020-2021 school year, provincial DoET has also maintained Covid-19 prevention and control at schools. Under the instruction of the sector, schools have strengthened propaganda to raise awareness and responsibilities of administrators, staff, teachers, pupils and pupils’ parents on measures against the pandemic; strictly follow the "5K" message of the Ministry of Health; make health monitoring, check body temperature, disinfect, clean schools, classrooms, toilets...

During the period, secondary schools are still organizing review for pupils to take the 10th grade entrance exam. High schools are also preparing for the 2020-2021 high school graduation exam. Strictly implementing measures against the pandemic, schools have regularly organized cleaning of campuses, classrooms, toilets, contact surfaces. They have also arranged hand sanitizer and soap at school gates, in classrooms, hand washing areas, toilets…

In addition, they have also continued checking body temperature of teachers and students right from the school gates; periodically monitor health of staff, teachers and pupils during the review period. In the classrooms, pupils keep a safe distance as recommended by the health sector; do not gather during the break time, wear masks from home to school, from school to home and during the review time at school

Mr.Phong said that the sector has raised the alert of Covid-19 spread to a high level, requiring teachers, pupils and families to make medical declaration when returning from pandemic-hit areas. Provincial DoET has also instructed units and schools to research and apply a set of solutions against Covid-19 pandemic at the request and guidance of the Ministry of Information and Communications; deployed electronic medical declaration for Covid-19 prevention and control by QR code...

Reported by Anh Sang-Translated by K.T

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