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Malaysian Navy seizes Vietnamese fishing boats

Update: 13-06-2016 | 17:17:34

 Malaysia's navy said on June 10 it intercepted and seized two Vietnamese trawlers after they refused to stop fishing in Malaysian waters, arresting its 20 crewmembers, charging them with trespass and illegal fishing.

A Malaysian frigate intercepted the trawlers around 67 nautical miles from the cape of Tanjung Tembeling in the waters of the East Sea just offshore the states of Terengganu and Pahang.

"This apprehension of the vessels and crewmembers was made to show the world that Malaysia will take firm action against ships that violate our territory," a navy spokesman said.

He said Malaysia followed standard international procedures in dealing with foreign ships entering its territory including providing warnings with flags, voices and warning shots.

He said no one was injured.

The case is being investigated in accordance with the 1985 Fisheries Act, he said, and if prosecuted and convicted the crewmembers could face stiff fines ranging from US$122,500 to US$245,000 and the fishing vessels could be confiscated.


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