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Many expectations for new tenure

Update: 21-09-2023 | 11:34:35

The 11th Binh Duong provincial Trade Union Congress for the 2023-2028 tenure will take place from September 21 to 23. This is a round of democratic and widespread political activities; is an opportunity for officials and trade unionists to convey their belief and expectations for a new term with many new victories.

Building up a strong working class

In the coming years, Binh Duong is determined to develop under a green, smart and sustainable ecosystem, with focus on making digital transformation, building up a digital society, digital economy, ensuring social safety and security, maintaining national defense and security; building up an increasingly strong and modern workforce at the local socio-economic development requirements. On that basis, one of the important tasks is that trade unions at all levels will focus on building up a strong working class with specific solutions; build, complete and organize the good implementation of policies, promote initiatives, inventions and incentive policies to encourage workers, public employees and laborers to actively work, practice ethics, lifestyle, contributing to the development of a more and more thriving locality.

Nguyen Hoang Thao, Permanent Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee together with leaders of provincial Labor Union visits and offers gifts to workers with difficult circumstances

Binh Duong will continue being one of the provinces attracting many domestic and foreign enterprises. Particularly, the province will selectively attract investment projects and gradually reduce labor-intensive fields and industries. The number of highly qualified workers will increase and the number of workers in labor-intensive occupations will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is required that the Trade Union needs to be proactive to have close coordination with all-level authorities and sectors to solve arising problems and help workers stabilize their jobs and lives.

Le Minh Hoang, Vice-Chairman of Tan Uyen city’s Labor Union shared that Trade Union officials, members and workers in the city have great expectations of breakthrough decisions from the congress while hoping that the conference will discuss methods to unify functions and tasks to ensure laborers’ legitimate rights and interests. The Trade Union needs to further improve their operational contents and methods, creating pervasive influence and joining hands with all-level authorities, sectors and the business community to take care of trade unionists and workers.

Towards trade unionists and workers

Before the congress, trade union officials, members and workers expressed many opinions, thoughts, and aspirations. Therefore, trade union activities need to be strongly oriented towards the grassroots. This is because grassroots trade union is the center, taking workers as the foundation for operation. It is a place to promote political, ideological propaganda and education, mobilize trade unionists and disseminate information and knowledge of laws, regimes and policies related to trade unionists and workers.

Provincial Party Standing Committee, Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Commission and Labor Union hand over a “Trade Union” house to trade unionists with difficult circumstances

Specifically, trade unionists and workers under the Labor Unions of Thuan An city, Di An city and Tan Uyen city hope that trade unions at all levels will further promote ideological and political education, disseminate relevant laws, regimes and policies among trade unionists and laborers. The Trade Union needs to pay attention to training, fostering, improving the quality of trade union officials, developing trade unionists and developing new trade union organizations in enterprises; further innovate operational content and methods, promote patriotic emulation movements, organize a variety of cultural, artistic, sports and humanitarian activities, improving working conditions, income, healthcare for trade union officials, members and workers.

In addition, trade union officials and workers in enterprises in industrial parks also hope that in the coming time, provincial Trade Union should coordinate with relevant agencies and units to propose policies to support enterprises when facing difficulties; ensuring the time to participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance; helps enterprises ensure human resources to continue maintaining production and business activities; have policies to support businesses in accessing preferential loans and support policies on taxes and charges; have access to raw materials for production and business to help enterprises stabilize and develop...

Before the congress, Trade Union officials, members and workers expressed many opinions, thoughts, and aspirations. Therefore, Trade Union activities need to be strongly oriented towards the grassroots…

Reported by Ho Van-Translated by Kim Tin

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