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Many meaningful activities will be organized during Workers' Month

Update: 10-04-2024 | 11:25:04

With the theme "Uniting workers - Implementing resolutions", Workers' Month 2024 will have many large-scale activities organized by Provincial Labor Confederation with the focus on the grassroots level and to enhance activities of taking care of trade union members and employees. These activities also aim to strengthen the solidarity and unity between trade union members, workers and trade union organizations, creating strong resources to effectively implement the Resolution of the 13th Congress of Vietnam Trade Unions and the Resolutions of Trade Union Congresses at all levels 2023-2028.

During this year's Workers' Month, there will be many practical activities to care for trade union members and workers

Listen to workers

Talking to reporters about activities in Workers' Month 2024, Ong Thuy Hoang Mai, Vice Chairwoman of Provincial Labor Confederation, said that in the upcoming Workers' Month (May 2024), trade unions at all levels in the province will focus on propagation and create new motivation and new spirit for trade union officials, union members and workers to show high determination and act together to continue effectively implementing resolutions of trade union congresses at all levels, and Resolution of the 11th Binh Duong Provincial Trade Union congress and Resolution of the 13th  Vietnam Trade Union congress tenure 2023-2028 and achieving high results. Thereby, trade unions at all levels can do a better job of representing, caring for, and protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of union members and workers; enhance the interest of party committees, authorities, political systems, business owners and the entire society in building a modern, strong Vietnamese working class and a strong Vietnamese Trade Union organization.

Workers' Month is also an opportunity to promote the pioneering role of union members and workers in innovation, creativity, promoting initiatives, technical improvements, and improving labor productivity at units and enterprises; contributing to ensuring jobs, improving income and lives of union members and workers... Standing Committee of Provincial Labor Confederation sets a goal of having 50% or more of grassroots trade unions of the business sector to organize at least one activity in response to Workers' Month, and 30% of the grassroots unions of administrative agencies and public units to organize appropriate activities in response to Workers' Month 2024.

To protect the legitimate rights of workers, the Provincial Labor Confederation will advise provincial leaders to hold conferences to meet, share, listen to opinions and dialogue with officials, trade union members and workers. In addition, the Provincial Labor Confederation continues to propose and coordinate to organize voter meetings between National Assembly deputies and workers and employers, focus on Trade Union Law, Law on Social Insurance (amended). Grassroots trade unions in enterprises propose and coordinate to organize conferences and forums "Workers for enterprises, enterprises for workers" for employers to meet, exchange, and listen to opinions of union members and employees; propose ideas and solutions to improve labor productivity, develop production and business. This is also a forum for trade unions and workers to propose solutions to ensure sustainable employment and income for workers and heighten the sense of responsibility of workers to accompany businesses to improve labor productivity.

Many key activities

According to Ms. Ong Thuy Hoang Mai, an equally meaningful activity in Workers' Month is the peak month for developing union membership and establishing grassroots trade unions. Thereby, trade unions at all levels enhance propaganda and encourage workers to voluntarily participate in trade unions; concentrate resources, create a breakthrough in developing union membership and establishing grassroots trade unions, especially in non-state-owned enterprises and informal sectors, and organize the admission of "May union members". Besides, trade union levels will also review and introduce outstanding youth union members for the Party committee to train and consider admitting to the Party.

Trade unions at all levels honor union members and excellent workers with initiatives and creativity in production; organize the political activity "Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics, and lifestyle regarding workers and trade unions"; praise exemplary individuals of learning and following Uncle Ho among workers. At the same time, trade unions at all levels will organize programs to thank employees, allocate financial resources, mobilize social resources and employers to organize thanks ceremonies for union members and employees making good achievements in production, making many contributions to agencies, units, and businesses; visit, give gifts, and provide support to employees having difficult circumstances. It is expected that trade unions at all levels in the province will give 10,000 gifts to trade union members and workers having difficult circumstances; advise provincial leaders to visit businesses and workers; donate 2,000 “ao dai” to female union members having difficult circumstances.

With the program "Be healthy for productive labor", trade unions at all levels coordinate with authorities, professional agencies, and employers to organize cultural, artistic, physical training and sports activities, together with a program to launch and respond to Workers' Month - Action Month of occupational safety and hygiene in 2024 and celebrate the 138th anniversary of International Labor Day (May 1); launch running events among workers, exercise to improve the health of officials and employees at agencies, units, businesses...

 It is expected that during Workers' Month, trade unions at all levels in the province will give 10,000 gifts to trade union members and workers having difficult circumstances; advise provincial leaders to visit businesses and workers; donate 2,000 “ao dai” to female union members having difficult circumstances.

 Reported by Quang Tam - Translated by Ngoc Huynh


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