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Mid-Autumn Festival for children

Update: 23-09-2023 | 15:46:58

Programs to help workers' children have fun and entertainment during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival have been prepared by local organizations with lovely lanterns and sweet cake gifts.

Children of the charity class in Tan Dong Hiep ward of Di An city receive moon cake gifts

Warm classroom of love

The charity class in Tan Dong Hiep ward of Di An city suddenly became bustling as youth union members came to visit and give away gifts. Seeing their brothers and sisters holding colorful lanterns in their hands, the students in the class showed joy on their faces for the sudden realization that the Mid-Autumn Festival had come. After visiting the whole class, Youth Union officials and members of Di An city's Inter-Agency Union Branch organized the program of "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children", giving gifts of cakes and lanterns to children in the classroom.

In addition to the charity class in Tan Dong Hiep ward, the union branch also visited and gave gifts and lanterns to children in the Hac Giay class in Dong Tan neighborhood. Also in Tan Dong Hiep ward, the ward Youth Union coordinated with the city Tax Department Youth Union to visit and donate 65 sets of books and learning tools to the children of two charity classes in the area. In addition, the ward Youth Union coordinated with generous individuals to organize the program of "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" and donated 65 portions of moon cakes and candies to the children.

Lam Hoang Thuy Trang, Secretary of Di An Youth Union, said: "On the occasion of the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival, the city Youth Union will focus on organizing a diverse and exciting "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" to show care and love for children in difficult circumstances; at the same time, responding to the movement of "For our beloved juniors" in Youth Union – Children Pioneers. The programs will be held cheerfully with musical performances, lion dances and gifts, creating conditions for children to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in a happy and warm atmosphere."

Mid-Autumn Festival at the rented houses

Implementing the Solidarity Project of gathering young workers and laborers, the Youth Union and the Women's Union at the grassroots level focus on cultural and entertainment activities in hostels. In particular, the Mid-Autumn Festival is held annually for workers' children to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with excitement.

The Women's Union of Di An ward in Di An city has just coordinated with the Woman Workers' Union at hostels in Thong Nhat 1 and Nhi Dong 1 neighborhoods to organize activities integrating the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration for children in the neighborhood and the accommodation. The Mid-Autumn Festival event and program attracted a large number of workers and children to participate. Besides propaganda activities, the association also gave lanterns and 30 gifts to children in difficult circumstances.

The atmosphere of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival is spreading everywhere. Uyen Hung ward Youth Union of Tan Uyen city coordinated with Nguyen Thi Dau hostel in Quarter 7 to organize a program to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival with teenagers and children. During the festival night, the children enjoyed entertainment, participated in folk games, received gifts and interacted with play about the moon legends. At the program, the owner of the hostels gave more than 100 gifts including cakes, candies and lanterns to the children.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, the Youth Union and Women's Union in localities continue to widely organize mid-autumn programs at rented house branches with all the wishes to bring workers' children a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival with many practical and useful cultural and artistic activities, and help children have fun and develop comprehensively.

Reported by Kim Tuyen – Translated by Vi Bao

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