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Minister of Construction Minister Nguyen Thanh Nghi: Clearing bottlenecks and supporting localities to develop

Update: 29-02-2024 | 11:50:28

Early February 28, the Government's delegation, led by Nguyen Thanh Nghi, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Construction, had a working session with leaders of Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Tien Giang provinces on the local situation of production, business and construction investment to find solutions to remove difficulties, promoting development at provincial Integrated Administration Center. The event was attended by Vo Van Minh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee; Vo Tan Duc, acting Chairman of Dong Nai provincial People's Committee; Pham Van Trong, Vice-Chairman of Tien Giang provincial People's Committee.

Binh Duong's economy with good growth

Reporting at the working session, Vo Anh Tuan, Chief of provincial People's Committee Office said that in the first 2 months of 2024, Binh Duong has focused on solutions to remove obstacles in production and business activities. The province has attracted nearly VND 11.32 trillion of registered business capital from domestic enterprises, an increase of 109.1% over the same period, attracting US$107.3 million in foreign investment capital.

Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi speaks at the working session with leaders of Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Tien Giang provinces

The province's industrial production achieved good growth over the same period. Province-based businesses have been proactive to change models, sought markets and boldly made digital transform. The province’s total import-export turnover reached more than U$ 7.3 billion, up 6.17% over the same period. Of these, export turnover reached US$4.38 billion, up 10.81% over the same period. The province’s total State budget revenue gained more than VND 12.57 trillion. The province’s disbursement of public investment capital was more than VND 1.11 trillion, reaching 5.1% of the plan assigned by provincial People's Council and 8% of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister.

Speaking at the working session, Vo Van Minh, Chairman of provincial People's Committee said that Binh Duong is focusing on solutions to remove difficulties for businesses. Especially, the province has implemented many solutions on investing in infrastructure development, reforming administrative procedures, supporting access to loans and ensuring social welfare. The province has continued implementing programs and policies to support small and medium-sized enterprises, support businesses to stabilize production-business, find new markets...The province has organized 15 meetings to resolve more than 100 obstacles of businesses and investors.

Mr.Minh added that up to now, the province's socio-economic situation has recovered gradually. However, the province has still faced a number of obstacles while waiting for the Real Estate Business Law, Land Law, Housing Law... to take effect, affecting the local development. Specifically, in the field of land, there are still some unresolved issues such as transferring land use rights in cases of buying, selling or transferring contributed capital; issuing construction permits to organizations; transferring land use rights that is not consistent between Decree No. 43/2014/NDCP and Decree No. 01/2017/ND-CP; making instructions for handling assets of enterprises divesting State capital...These are "bottlenecks" that have not yet unlocked the province's development potential and advantages in the current period.

At the working session, Binh Duong also raised problems on construction procedures and new issues related to the Bidding Law, which has taken effect, but has not yet had a guidance decree. In addition, there are a number of unresolved issues such as conditions for real estate projects to be transferred; activities signing guarantee contracts when selling, leasing and purchasing houses being formed up in the future; documents proving that houses are eligible for sale or lease-purchase; selection of investors for industrial compounds originating from public land...

Focusing on solving obstacles

After hearing reports on the local development situation in the first 2 months of the year, Minister of Construction Nguyen Thanh Nghi spoke highly of the efforts by the Party, government, businesses and people from all strata in making efforts to overcome difficulties. Mr. Nghi expressed his impression with the results of investment attraction, export activities, disbursement rate of public investment capital, and relatively high budget revenue of Binh Duong in the first 2 months of the year.

Vo Van Minh, Vice-Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of provincial People's Committee speaks at the working session

Concluding the conclusion, on behalf of the delegation, Mr. Nghi emphasized that the delegation will acquire recommendations of localities and consider them for timely answers and specific instructions. He also noted that all localities have many key transportation projects and need to pay attention to ensuring quality and speeding up progress. They also needed to focus on removing difficulties, supporting businesses, promoting investment promotion and expanding export markets.

Mr. Nghi also noted that in implementing key projects and works, attention should be paid to site clearance, compensation and resettlement for people to ensure progress. Particularly, projects transferring land use rights must ensure related financial obligations under the regulations. He requested localities to speed up the progress of urban planning, construction planning and specialized planning such as solar power, car charging stations as a basis to submit to ministries and sectors for consideration and approval. Regarding social housing development, the Government is implementing a policy on building 1 million units by 2030, with 130,000 units developed in 2024. According to him, this will be an extremely difficult task, so localities need to focus on implementation to contribute to achieving the best results.

Mr. said that after the working session, the delegation will further review and acquire recommendations from localities to provide specific answers and instructions, contributing to clearing bottlenecks and creating conditions for Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Tien Giang provinces to take advantage of their advantages and potential to accelerate and contribute to the development of the whole country.

Binh Duong also proposed that the province is facing many difficulties in terms of staff. Binh Duong has ranked 6th, 3rd  and 3rd nationwide in population, number of businesses, foreign investment, respectively, but ranked 53rd in staff. The unreasonableness between the workload and the number of assigned staff has affected the progress, quality of processing work, administrative procedures for people and businesses.

Reported by Minh Duy-Translated by Kim Tin

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