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More caring and employee-oriented activities

Update: 04-05-2024 | 15:08:47

In addition to thousands of gifts given to workers in difficult circumstances during Workers' Month, trade unions at all levels in the province will organize many meaningful activities to take care of the lives and protect legitimate rights of workers. In particular, meeting and dialogue programs between workers and business owners, leaders at all levels in the province to express and propose solutions to ensure employment and income are of interest to many workers.

Trade Union of Ben Cat industrial parks gives 147 gifts to workers having difficult circumstances during Workers' Month.

To listen and share

Nguyen Tai Duong, Chairman of the grassroots Trade Union of Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company (Di An City), shared that during the annual Workers' Month, the company always has activities aimed at about employees, such as giving gifts to workers having particularly difficult circumstances, organizing traditional sports and physical competitions. In particular, the company proposed solutions to ensure occupational safety and hygiene. Employees meet and dialogue are organized by the company every year with business owners and trade unions to present their opinions and contribute ideas to build trade unions and build a better organization.

Ms. Le Thi Tham, a worker at Thong Dung Shoes Company (Thuan An City), said that the issues that are most concerned about by workers far from home like her are jobs, stable income and having a place to live. After more than 10 years working at the company, her family is still living in rented accommodation and still dreams of one day being helped by the company and local government to buy a social house. “With that, we can stick with our work and our hometown of Binh Duong for a long time. Since the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, work has not been stable, income is low compared to before... Those are the issues we are concerned about and will express them if we meet with business leaders and governments at all levels during Workers' Month," Ms. Tham said.

During Workers' Month (May 2024), with the theme "Worker solidarity - Resolution implementation", trade unions at all levels in the province deploy many meaningful contents and programs aimed at workers. For example, Confederation of Labor of Thu Dau Mot City, since the last days of April, has opened a meaningful playground for 1,200 unions to participate in the folk dance video clip contest "Echoing the song of Vietnam Trade Union 2024”. On the recent launch day of Workers' Month, this unit gave 100 gifts to workers having difficult circumstances, organized a welfare booth to sell discounted necessities to union members and workers; food stalls.

During Workers' Month, Thu Dau Mot City Labor Confederation will continue to organize activities: to realize resolutions; dialogue in May, forum of workers for businesses, businesses for workers; activities to thank employees; organize ceremonies to honor union members and typical workers with many initiatives and creativity in production; organize peak months for union member development, establishing grassroots trade unions... Through the above activities, the pioneering role of union members and workers will be promoted; raise awareness of ensuring occupational safety and hygiene in the workplace...

Oriented towards employees

In addition to implementing thematic content, recently on the launching day of Workers' Month, Trade Union of Ben Cat Industrial Parks awarded 147 gifts, each worth 500,000 VND to union members and workers who had occupational accidents, occupational diseases, dangerous diseases. The unit will organize cultural, artistic, physical training and sports activities; organize sightseeing tours, and periodic health check-up programs for workers; Welfare programs, discount sales week with necessities to serve union members, workers during this year's Workers' Month.

In Tan Uyen City, the city's Labor Confederation set a target of having at least 50% of business unions (240/479) organize at least one activity in response to Workers' Month; From 30% of administrative and non-business unions (26/78) organize appropriate activities to respond to Workers' Month 2024.

Tan Uyen City Labor Federation will also advise and propose city leaders to coordinate with the government to organize conferences to meet, share, listen and dialogue with officials, union members and workers. Thematic voter meeting between Provincial National Assembly deputies, City People's Council deputies and workers, with focus on the Trade Union Law Project (amended), the Social Insurance Law Revision. Grassroots Trade Unions proposes and coordinates to organize the conference "Workers for businesses, businesses for workers" for employers to meet, exchange, dialogue, and listen to employees propose ideas and solutions to improve labor productivity, production and business development...

Luu Thi Tuyet Trinh, President of Tan Uyen City Confederation of Labor, said that during Workers' Month, in addition to focusing on solutions to care for the lives and legitimate interests of workers, creating playgrounds, sports festivals, and cultural events at the grassroots level, the city's Confederation of Labor also promoted propaganda to raise workers’ awareness, encourage workers to voluntarily participate in the Vietnam Trade Union. Mobilizing small businesses with 20 or more employees to establish trade unions receives special attention from the unit, to create a breakthrough in union member development and launch the program "Establishment of trade unions in May".

Also according to Ms. Luu Thi Tuyet Trinh, programs to review and instruct grassroots trade unions to promote collective bargaining and sign collective labor agreements with employers to improve welfare and create strong changes in taking care of the basic and necessary needs of trade union members and workers, will be focused on by Labor Confederation of Tan Uyen City.

Reported by Quang Tam - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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