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Motivation from patriotic emulation movements

Update: 11-06-2024 | 11:09:02

Embracing President Ho Chi Minh's teaching: "Emulation is patriotic, those that are patriotic must emulate. And those who emulate are the most patriotic ones”, in recent years, the patriotic emulation movement in the province has affirmed its role, spreading among people from all strata. This has contributed to enhancing dynamism, creativity and the spirit of daring to think, daring to do, continuously innovating thinking and working methods to bring comprehensive development to Binh Duong.

Motivation and Strength

Realizing that emulation is a crucial factor, creating motivation and strength to excellently complete set objectives and tasks, Tan Uyen city has concretized directives and guidelines from central and provincial levels to suit the local reality. The practical emulation movements have attracted positive participation from all classes of people, contributing to the city's socio-economic development. Over the past year, the city's socio-economic situation remained stable and achieved many positive results; national defense and security were maintained stably, well fulfilling provincial targets; Party and political system building was strengthened with the quality of activities of mass organizations and the people was enhanced. Last year, the city achieved and exceeded all 24 targets set by the Resolution of the city’s Party Committee.

Leaders of provincial Military Command honor advanced examples in the “determination to win” emulation movement between 2019 and 2024

Realizing the importance of emulation, Ngo Thanh Van, Head of Ong Dong quarter’s Front Work Department in Tan Uyen city’s Tan Hiep ward shared that he has always actively propagandized and mobilized people to well implement the Party's guidelines, the State’s policies, laws and local regulations. He has also advised the Party cell, coordinating with member organizations of the front to effectively carry out grassroots emulation movements through models and methods suitable to the local reality.

Similarly, localities in Thu Dau Mot city have focused on promoting emulation movements to create motivation for development. Among them, the emulation movement to build a cultural-civilized lifestyle is one of the leading movements in the province. The emulation movements in Thu Dau Mot city aim at building and developing the city towards green, smart urban growth, enhancing the quality of living environment, urban landscape and building the image of benevolent, kind and civilized people. As a result, the environmental landscape is increasingly green, clean, and beautiful; parks and gardens have attracted many people to participate in community activities, cultural and sports events...The city has built distinct characteristics of urban culture and civilization, establishing a polite, hospitable and kind lifestyle of the people.

Widespread influence

Implementing the National Target Program on New Rural Construction for the period of 2021-2025, emulation movements in the province have spread, contributing to arousing and promoting the strength of the entire political system and people to further join hands in building new-style rural and advanced new-style areas towards the model and the smart ones. To date, Binh Duong has had all 41 communes meeting new-style rural standards; over 70% of communes meeting advanced new-style rural standards...Upholding achieved results, the province aims that by 2025, 100% of communes will meet advanced new-style rural standards, including 10 communes meeting model new-style rural standards.

The patriotic emulation movement in Binh Duong has increasingly gone into depth, achieving practical effectiveness, with many effective models and good ways

Possible speaking that investing in the development of crucial infrastructure works on transportation, electricity, water, health, education and culture, has facilitated connectivity, narrowing the gap between urban centers and rural areas of the province. Many good, creative and effective ways have proven their practical value, contributing to creating motivation in the work of new-style rural construction in the area. In the field of education and training, emulation movements like "Good teaching, good learning", "Building friendly schools, active students", "Innovation and creativity in management, teaching, and learning"; promotion of information technology application and digital transformation in education and training associated with innovating management, teaching and learning methods...have continuously improved the quality of the province's education, achieving many commendable results.

Especially, grassroots authorities in the province have strived to emulate in digital transformation. The efforts to overcome difficulties and strive to complete plans on digital transformation right from the grassroots level have affirmed the determination of the entire political system, striving to make the province become a leading locality in administrative reform on a digital platform with the motto of "service administration – user as the center", contributing to building trust among people and businesses towards State administrative agencies, facilitating investment attraction, socio-economic development, building Binh Duong into a smart city.

Under the leadership of the Party committees, the management of the government, the close coordination of the Fatherland Front, mass organizations at all levels and the positive response of the people, the patriotic emulation movement in Binh Duong has increasingly gone into depth and achieved practical effectiveness. Besides focusing on directing and organizing the implementation of emulation movements launched by the central level, Binh Duong has organized and launched many emulation movements by phases and themes, with clear, specific, and practical criteria and contents...Annually, all-level authorities and sectors in the province summarize emulation and commendation work, praising advanced collectives and individuals, promptly rewarding direct laborers and the public with outstanding achievements, aiming at creating widespread influence among people from all strata...

Reported by Huynh Thuy-Translated by Kim Tin

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