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Movements of initiatives and creativity in production operations widespread

Update: 18-05-2024 | 14:59:01

During this year's Workers' Month, the trade unions at all levels in the province timely praised and rewarded hundreds of workers who had initiatives and creativity in production labor, bringing benefits worth hundreds of billions of dong to the enterprises. The movement of initiatives and creativity among workers in Binh Duong is increasingly spreading and many advanced typical examples have appeared, affirming the capacity and intelligence of Vietnamese workers.

Ms. Le Thi Ha of Nha Vinh Furniture Interior Co. Ltd. is awarded the certificate of merit for exemplary workers in 2024 by the provincial leadership and the leadership of the Vietnam General Trade Union during the launch ceremony of the 2024 Workers' Month.

Multi-billion yielding

In the past, every year, Nha Vinh Furniture Interior Co., Ltd. (Ben Cat City) had to order wooden stakes up to 30 million dong, while the company's excess wood was cut a lot every day. Seeing this reality, Ms. Le Thi Ha came up with the idea of ​​using surplus wood as stakes as proposal to the company's board of directors. Based on the initiative of Ms. Ha, this company has saved more than 80% of the cost of buying wooden stakes in 2023. Every year, the company also places orders for triangle smoothing covers in large quantities; each order cost about 50 million VND and then having to wait for delivery. With the initiative of using excess wood to make triangle smoothing covers, Ms. Ha has saved the company hundreds of millions of VND every year.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Sang works in the quality management monitoring department of Mekong Interior Company in Thu Dau Mot city. Mr. Sang regularly trains and educates workers in quality management to master the factory's quality standards and how to handle damaged goods on the production line. At work, he discovered many production stages that frequently repeat old errors without control nor early prevention causing waste of materials, supplies, and requiring a lot of labor to reprocess the products. Thereon, he had the initiative "Building a system to differentiate common errors, prevention methods" and has been applied throughout the company's workshop. Sang's initiative helped the company save a large amount of raw materials, materials, and labor every year, estimated at over 400 million VND.

At Supor Vietnam Co., Ltd (Ben Cat city), Mr. Truong Thanh Long, the stainless steel polishing team leader, is always a shining example in the innovation and creativity movement at the company. He always achieves outstanding performance in production labor with productivity, quality, and efficiency surpassing the assigned tasks. In 2023, Mr. Long's initiative of "Packaging paper box for product packaging" was highly appreciated by the company's leadership for helping the company save an amount of 2.9 billion VND.

Production management at Kyoritsu Bussan Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Thu Dau Mot City), Ms. Pham Kim Oanh has implemented innovative initiatives that contribute to helping the department achieve the company's goals, enhancing customer trust in delivery deadlines. The initiative "Reuse of plastic materials" by Ms. Oanh is applied to mass production activities at the factory, contributing to reducing the amount of plastic waste released into the environment, saving raw material costs, benefiting the business by 66,000 US dollars per year (equivalent to nearly 1.6 billion VND per year).

To small enterprises

In recent years, the movement of innovation and creativity among workers in Binh Duong province has been embraced by many units and businesses, concretized into actions that are easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to implement. Enterprises boldly encourage workers to propose and apply innovations in all fields. Monthly and quarterly, there is a summary of initiatives in each team, each production line, timely rewarding individuals and collectives. This work has created a competitive movement, promoting the production labor movement in each enterprise better, helping workers learn from each other, and progress together. The initiatives, creativity of workers in labor have been widely applied in enterprises both at home and abroad.

Mr. Bui Thanh Nhan, Standing Member, Head of the provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilization Commission, assessed: The province's socio-economic development process always has a very important contribution from the business community as well as the contribution of workers and laborers in the area. Currently, the movement of innovation and creativity of workers in the province has truly spread to even small businesses, production facilities, and has its deep roots.

The initiatives and creativity of workers are always honored and highly appreciated, contributing to making the movement of "Skilled and creative labor" of the Vietnam General Trade Union more effective. The province will continue to create conditions to remove difficulties for businesses; effectively implement policies to take care of workers, especially those in difficult circumstances, so that workers can confidently establish careers, live, and join hands in building a increasingly developed Binh Duong.

Mrs. Nguyen Kim Loan, Chairwoman of the provincial Trade Union, said that in order to encourage and honor the initiatives and creativity of workers, in recent times, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the Provincial People's Committee, and the Provincial Labor Union have timely commended and rewarded many outstanding and creative workers in the province. The movement of good labor, creative labor continues to be promoted on the province's territory through various forms of propaganda, encouraging workers to strive to study, work, and create in the coming years.

Reported by Quang Tam – Hoang Trung – Translated by Vi Bao

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