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MTIRT gets involved in handling over 5,300 traffic incidents

Update: 20-06-2024 | 11:37:16

Early June 19, the Steering Committee for the Project to Establish the Mobile Traffic Incident Response Team (MTIRT) held a conference to review the three-year implementation of provincial People's Committee’s Decision No. 1461/QĐ-UBND dated May 31, 2021, approving the project to establish the MTIRT in the province.

The conference was attended by Nguyen Hoang Thao, Permanent Vice Secretary of provincial Party Committee; Mai Hung Dung, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of provincial People's Committee.

Groups and individuals of the MTIRT honored

Reportedly, over the past three years, the MTIRT participated in rescuing over 210 traffic incident cases, securing the scene of over 1,400 traffic accidents, providing over 3,100 reports on traffic violations, more than 330 reports on damaged traffic infrastructure, and over 150 reports on traffic accidents, and resolving over 140 traffic congestion incidents. Additionally, the MTIRT deployed to support the local traffic police force in their daily traffic patrol duties, enhancing traffic safety and crime prevention efforts.

At the conference, Mr. Dung affirmed that the MTIRT is the first model in the country that has mobilized the strength of the entire political system and people in the province to participate in ensuring traffic order and safety, preventing, combating crime and other legal violations.

Addressing the event, Mr. Thao requested relevant sectors and localities to consider mechanisms and policies to ensure that MTIRT members can work with peace of mind, having attachment to their tasks and effectively supporting the resolution of traffic incidents.

On this occasion, provincial People's Committee awarded the certificates of merit to four groups and three individuals. Director of provincial Police Agency also commended 12 groups and individuals for their significant contributions to handling traffic incidents.

Reported by Quynh Anh-Translated by Kim Tin

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