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Nearly VND 493 billion of investment budget allocated for 84 projects

Update: 22-06-2021 | 15:42:28

Dau Tieng District affirmed that accelerating the disbursement of public investment capital plan is a key political task. Hence the District Project Management Board has assembled resources and advised the Party and People's Committee to carry out the disbursement of 100% of the assigned capital. Accordingly, in 2020, this board advised the District People's Committee to spend 492.9 billion VND on building, upgrading and repairing 84 construction works in the district.

In which, 8 projects were directly managed by the province's state budget, with a total capital of VND20.9 billion; 6 projects were financed by provincial targeted budget, with a total capital of VND 58.4 billion; 13 projects of lottery fund with a total capital of VND 139.5 billion; 5 projects of additional provincial targeted budget with a total capital of VND 73.1 billion; 21 projects of targeted additional provincial capital for the district level from closing balance of the provincial budget in 2019, with a total capital of VND166.2 billion; 40 projects of  decentralized capital according to regulation rate, with a total capital plan of VND 27.5 billion; 4 projects of non-business fund with a total capital of VND 7.26 billion.

Reported by Khanh Linh - Translated by Ngoc

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