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North Tan Uyen: Power saving reaches 103.6% of yearly plan

Update: 27-11-2023 | 13:11:26

Source from North Tan Uyen district’s People's Committee said that in 2023, the district’s electricity supply situation for people’s daily life, production and business activities remained stable. During the year, the electricity sector installed 641 new electric meters, bringing the total number of electric meters in the district to 21,243. It was estimated to reach 99.9% of the local households in use of electricity. In addition, all people in the district saved 16,170 million kWh, reaching 103.6% of year’s plan.

In 2024, the district’s People's Committee will further direct functional agencies to increase dissemination of benefits, measures and ways to save electricity... to each household so that all people can understand clearly and correctly, sharing difficulties with the sector and voluntarily practicing electricity saving. The district’s People's Committee also recommended that customers should use safe electrical equipment in line with to the needs of each family; take preventive measures, especially on hot days, to reduce the risk of fire, explosion and accidents caused by electricity.

Reported by Thanh Hong-Translated by Kim Tin

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