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Over 450 people in TDM participate in 2024 Taiji performance festival

Update: 19-02-2024 | 11:32:45

Early February 18, the 2024 Taiji (Tai chi) performance festival took place at Bach Dang Park in Thu Dau Mot (TDM) city’s Phu Cuong ward.

The festival attracted more than 450 members of 19 teams from 14 wards of TDM city. The teams jointly performer 3 items with the music of "Hao khi Viet Nam” (Vietnam's pride), "Dang da cho ta mot mua xuan” (The Party has given us a spring), "Tu hao hat mai len Viet Nam oi” (Sing forever with pride, Vietnam). The teams also performed many dancing items, health exercises... with music in celebration of the Party and celebration of spring.

The festival was organized by TDM city’s Center for Culture, Information and Sports to create a joyful atmosphere among people from all strata to welcome the Year of the Dragon 2024 and celebrate the 94th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2024) while encouraging the spirit of enthusiastic physical training, contributing to improving people’s physical and mental health.

Reported by Minh Hieu-Translated by Kim Tin

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