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People enjoy spring, celebrate Tet joyfully, safely and excitedly

Update: 16-02-2024 | 17:01:14

Yesterday morning (February 15), provincial Party Standing Committee held the first meeting of the Lunar New Year 2024, hearing reports on the local situation before, during and after the Tet ( Lunar New Year) festival 2024. Nguyen Van Loi, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee and Head of provincial National Assembly deputy delegation chaired the meeting.

Many practical Tet care activities

According to a report by provincial Party Committee, during the Tet festival 2024, the province seriously implemented central directions, soon directed and implemented a plan to organize activities to celebrate the Party and celebrate the Lunar New Year 2024 with good results. Under the province's plan, agencies and units from provincial to grassroots levels were proactive to set up and effectively implemented their plans in celebration of the Party and the Year of the Dragon 2024 with many diverse and  practical activities, serving people to enjoy spring and celebrate Tet joyfully, excitedly, warmly and safely.

Provincial Party Standing Committee holds the first meeting of the Lunar New Year 2024, hearing reports on the local situation before, during and after Tet

Accordingly, the province organized many material and spiritual care activities for revolutionary contributors, policy beneficiary families, poor households, children with difficult circumstances and laborers staying here for Tet.  Particularly, the province well realized the task of taking care of Tet for officials, civil servants, public employees, armed forces and social policy beneficiaries, with a total expenditure from the
State budget at VND 276.7 billion, an increase of 8% compared to 2023. Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, Red Cross Society and socio-political organizations mobilized 221,553 gifts for the poor and workers with a total value of more than VND400 billion...

Although facing difficult, the majority of businesses in the province still tried to maintain Tet bonuses and 13th month salaries for employees, with the highest Tet bonus level of VND 574 million; the average level of VND 7.08 million and the lowest level of VND 4.68 million. Also during Tet, the whole province had about 450,000 workers who did not return home and stayed in Binh Duong to celebrate Tet. The province visited and offered 104,600 gifts to workers with extremely difficult circumstances; organized "Trade Union Tet Market" activities, attracting nearly 50,000 trade unionists. The "Spring bus” program and the  “Trade Union Tet – Spring”  journey 2024 supported more than 4,400 train tickets, bus tickets and plane tickets for disadvantaged workers to return home to celebrate Tet...

Espencially, there were 45 enterprises with specific industries, security services and general clinics working throughout the Tet holiday, with 6,138 employees. These units paid at least 300% of wages, not including holiday wages, for employees receiving daily wages. Also according to the province's report, 8,000 enterprises currently need to recruit 60,000 workers in 2024. Some industries have relatively large recruitment needs. For example,  processing and manufacturing industries need 48,500 workers...

Quickly stabilizing activities after Tet

Along with that, all-level authorities and sectors of the province well managed the market and prices, ensuring the balance of supply and demand of goods and services, well serving the people's shopping needs; arranged enough public transportation and ensured traffic safety so that people could travel conveniently and safely during Tet. The province’s street decoration, culture, arts and entertainment activities also met the needs of the local people. Espencially, Binh Duong had 3 dragon mascots that are well received by the public, attracting a large number of visitors. Among them, the Thu Dau Mot water-spewing dragon mascot located on Bach Dang walking street  in Phu Cuong ward made by teachers and students of provincial Fine Arts - Culture Junior College was voted as the most beautiful mascot of the Tet festival 2024.

The province’s tourism promotion activities continued being promoted during Tet, absorbing about 45,000 visitors with a revenue of about VND 20 billion. The volunteer spirit of Binh Duong people at the Thien Hau Lady Temple festival is maintained and enhanced in the first days of the Year of the Dragon, spreading a joyful, excited atmosphere filled with Binh Duong’s sentimental attachment  ...

Speaking at the meeting, Nguyen Van Loi, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Head of provincial National Assembly deputy delegation acknowledged and praised the sense of responsibility, efforts and solidarity of the Party Committees, authorities at all levels, sectors, Youth Union and mass organizations in well realizing activities to take care of Tet so that people could enjoy spring and celebrate Tet joyfully, safely and excitedly. Regarding key tasks after Tet, Mr. Loi requested all-level Party committees, authorities, agencies, units and localities to quickly direct activities on production, business, study and work after the end of the Tet holiday, especially work directly related to people and businesses; resolve businesses’ difficulties and help employees work with peace of mind; focus on attracting investment and preparing economic foreign affairs activities to serve the local socio-economic development.

All-level authorities of the province need to urgently implement plans on socio-economic development, with  focus on drastically implementing a number of tasks and solutions, ensuring investment progress in key projects; continue organizing and well managing festivals and religious activities among people, encourage volunteer work, demonstrating the hospitable spirit of Binh Duong people; strengthen the task of ensuring traffic order and safety, ensuring to serve the travel needs of people, especially workers returning to Binh Duong to work; well organize the handover of new recruits to the army, ensuring quantity and quality...

Mr. Loi emphasized that the entire political system, business community and people in the province further promote the spirit of solidarity, strive to overcome difficulties and implement tasks with high determination and drastic actions right from the first month and first quarter of the year, striving for better results in 2024.

Reported by Do Trong-Translated by Kim Tin

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