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Plant trees, create forests for a green Binh Duong

Update: 18-05-2024 | 10:50:59

Responding to the tree-planting festival to show eternal gratitude to Uncle Ho, and implementing the Government's "Project to plant one billion trees for the period 2021-2025", Binh Duong has actively planted trees, created forests, and protected the environment for the sustainable development.

Militia forces plant trees at the launching ceremony of a everlasting tree planting festival in gratitude to Uncle Ho held in Di An City

Raise community awareness

Recently, Phu Giao district has enhanced tree planting activities. This activity received positive responses from party committees, authorities, branches, unions and people in the area. The spirit of self-conscious and emulation in planting trees and flowers at agency headquarters, schools, hamlets, and neighborhoods spreads, and the appearance of the countryside becomes more prosperous.

Doan Van Dong, Chairman of Phu Giao District People's Committee, said that planting trees is just the beginning, caring for and preserving trees to grow well is a regular job and the responsibility of the entire society. This is a practical activity that contributes to improving the environment, adapting to climate change, and developing sustainably. The specific goal of Phu Giao district is to green and plant flowers on commune roads to reach 60%, university roads to reach 50% - 100%, forest coverage rate to reach over 80%... Schools in the district must plant trees to provide shade, agency headquarters, hamlet offices, public lands must plant trees, flowers to spread that spirit among the people.

Students in Phu Giao district participate in planting trees on the launching ceremony

At the launching ceremony of "Eternal Tree Planting Festival in gratitude to Uncle Ho" in 2024 organized by the Provincial People's Committee in Di An City on May 15, Mai Hung Dung, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, said: “Tree planting day we commemorate Uncle Ho and begin the series of activities “For a green Binh Duong” and “Civilized Saturday”, together committing to a sustainable future. Accordingly, to achieve the goal, localities in the province need to proactively organize specific and practical activities to encourage both the political system and the people to participate in planting trees."

Don't "follow" the trend

Mr. Mai Hung Dung said that the province's policy is to plant trees that will live, not to plant according to the movement but to create concentrated forests and green parks to improve the environment and create beauty for the community. After planting, trees must be monitored, managed, cared for and protected in accordance with procedures and regulations, ensuring economical planting of trees. In today's complicated weather and climate conditions, afforestation and tree planting units need to have effective fire prevention and fighting plans.

Trees grow strongly on a road in VSIP 1 Industrial Park, Thuan An City

According to leaders of Di An City, Di An is one of the cities with the highest population density in the country. Planting trees in parks contributes to improving the appearance of the urban area and the living environment for people. On the day of tree planting in 2024, provincial leaders, departments, armed forces, and students planted about 1,000 trees at the park land in Thong Nhat 1 neighborhood, Di An ward. This is the first step for the formation of a green park along DT743 road.

In Bac Tan Uyen district, in 2023, the work of planting trees has been actively responded by agencies, businesses and people throughout the district, planting over 3,400 trees of all kinds (of which urban areas planted 1,000 trees, rural areas planted over 2,400 trees). It is expected that in 2024, the district will continue to plant more than 3,600 trees along university roads with a length of about 14.5km and public areas. The work of planting trees has gradually been socialized. Up to now, the coverage rate of forestry and perennial trees in the district is about 65%.

According to Nguyen Van Thuan, Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Bac Tan Uyen district, in recent times, along with strong investment and development in industry and urban areas, Bac Tan Uyen district has also paid special attention to solving environmental problems well, ensuring a good living environment for people, especially for areas with high rates of industrialization and urbanization. Planting trees is important and necessary, bringing many economic, landscape and environmental benefits.

Implementing the Government's "Project to plant 1 billion trees in the period 2021-2025", in 2023, agencies, businesses and people in Binh Duong province have actively participated in planting trees, planting over 83,000 trees of all kinds, equivalent to about 199 hectares. Of which, urban areas planted over 69,000 trees, rural areas planted over 14,000 trees.

Reported by Tien Hanh - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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