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PM asks for effective preventive solutions against forest fires

Update: 02-05-2024 | 12:55:57

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has issued an official dispatch, requesting ministries, sectors, and localities to continue vigorously and effectively implementing fire prevention and control measures nationwide.

A burned forest area in Nghe An province on April 30, 2024

Accordingly, Chairpersons of People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities were asked to direct the People's Committees at all levels and relevant agencies to strictly fulfill their responsibilities for forest fire prevention and control management; and enhance inspection and supervision activities for forest fire prevention and control early, from afar, and from the grassroots level, considering this as a key and continuous task.

The document underlined the importance of strengthening communications and education activities to raise public awareness and responsibility regarding forest fire prevention and control; intensifying inspections and closely controlling the use of fire in and around forests by people, especially activities such as slash-and-burn cultivation; and strictly addressing any fire-related behaviours that pose a risk of forest fires.

Attention must be paid to proactively and urgently reviewing forest fire prevention and control plans in localities; and allocating forces, vehicles, materials, and funds to serve forest fire prevention and control efforts, it said.

It emphasised the need to enhance coordination among various forces involved in the work, and training activities and exercises on forest fire prevention and control for personnel engaged in these tasks; outline plans and arrangements for relocating residents, assets of the State, and businesses out of areas affected by forest fires when they occur; and effectively implement the project to improve forest rangers’ capacity in management, protection, and firefighting in 2021 – 2030.

The document underlined the responsibility of the heads to proactively direct relevant agencies to investigate and clarify causes, and strictly handle individuals who intentionally violate forest fire prevention and control regulations, and those in leadership positions when a forest fire occurs; and timely commend organisations and individuals actively involved in forest fire prevention and control efforts.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development was demanded to proactively direct the forecasting, warning, and organisation of forest fire prevention and control nationwide, focusing on closely monitoring weather conditions and promptly providing information for localities to enable them to proactively implement forest fire prevention and control plans.

The Ministers of National Defence, and Public Security will be responsible for directing units to review and maximise support for forest fire fighting efforts in areas where they are stationed and mobilise forces and resources for firefighting activities.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment will instruct relevant agencies to improve the quality of forecasting and warning work, and promptly provide information on weather and extreme weather phenomena.

The Ministry of Information and Communications, Radio Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam Television, Vietnam News Agency, and other media agencies were urged to continue effectively disseminating information about forest protection and forest fire prevention and control./.


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