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Precautions should be taken on traffic participation in precipitation

Update: 19-06-2024 | 15:26:26

According to the recommendations of the authorities, it is currently the rainy season, so there may be sudden thunderstorms, trees falling, and many roads being flooded. To ensure safety and prevent traffic accidents caused by drifting vehicles, flooding, and other hazards, people should limit their travel during rainy weather.

The traffic police actively regulate traffic and guide people to move to avoid traffic congestion caused by flooding

The danger of road flooding

On the afternoon of June 14, heavy rain occurred widely in many localities in the province. In Tan Uyen city, heavy rain and strong winds caused a market area to collapse and the tin roof to be blown off. Also in this locality, a woman was swept away by the water while passing through a flooded section of the road and the water was flowing rapidly.

Lieutenant Colonel Phan Minh Thao, Deputy Chief of Police of Tan Uyen City, said that during heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms, there is a risk of trees falling and roofs of houses collapsing onto pedestrians. If the water drainage is not sufficient, it can cause localized flooding, which is very dangerous for people participating in traffic. To cope with traffic incidents during the rainy season, the Tan Uyen City Police have previously surveyed roads prone to flooding and coordinated with various departments and the Youth Union to address the issues, such as repairing, cleaning, illuminating, and clearing drains and ditches to ensure smooth flow.

Previously, after grasping the situation at the Thong Nhat intersection (Khanh Binh ward) with the potential risk of accidents during rainy weather, the Tan Uyen City Police arranged traffic police officers to coordinate with the ward police to control and regulate traffic during rainy weather. In addition, the Traffic Police Team also coordinated with local authorities and support forces to understand the situation and proactively manage and direct vehicles, ensuring the safety of people participating in traffic.

Similarly, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Minh Tan, Deputy Chief of Police of Ben Cat City, said that there are some localized flooding areas in Ben Cat City due to incomplete drainage systems. Whenever there is heavy rain causing deep flooding, slow drainage poses many risks of traffic accidents. In response to this situation, the police force of Ben Cat City has deployed personnel to regulate traffic and prevent people from entering flooded areas during heavy rain to prevent accidents.

To regularly track weather forecast

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyen, Director of the Provincial Meteorological and Hydrological Station, due to the impact of climate change, the rainy season in 2024 will continue to be complex. Therefore, people need to regularly monitor and update the forecast and warning messages about dangerous weather phenomena broadcasted on mass media in the area, on radio and television stations. When it rains heavily, people should limit going out of the house. If you have to travel when it's raining, avoid deep flooded roads and fast-flowing water to ensure your own safety and minimize damage to people and property, advised Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyen.

According to the recommendations of the authorities, when encountering heavy rain while on the road, people should seek a safe shelter and wait for the water to recede before continuing to move. People should absolutely not take shelter under large trees to prevent lightning strikes and unfortunate accidents from happening.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Tran Minh Tuan, Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Department of the provincial police, said that the weather is currently unusually rainy and sunny, with intense heat and prolonged heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms. To prevent accidents during the rainy season, the Traffic Police Department has instructed the traffic police forces in districts and towns to coordinate and respond in flooded areas, install warning signs, and organize traffic guidance to advise people to take detours and avoid entering flooded areas to prevent possible accidents.

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Minh Tuan, Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Department of the Provincial Police, when driving on the road in rainy weather with slippery roads and limited visibility, the vehicle is prone to skidding, posing potential accidents. Therefore, for cars, it is necessary to turn on the low beam headlights, emergency lights, and maintain a safe distance when moving. Large vehicles passing through flooded areas should drive slowly to avoid splashing water onto surrounding vehicles and in the opposite direction. Depending on the severity, intentional cases and accidents will be punished according to the regulations of the law. To ensure safety when driving, motorcycle riders should not drive close to or tailgate large vehicles such as buses or trucks as they may get splashed with water or knocked down by a large wave.

Reported by Quynh Anh – Nam Ni – Translated by Vi Bao

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