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Preparation for major exams

Update: 07-05-2024 | 14:55:26

The entrance exam to Grade 10 of high school for the academic year 2024-2025 and the high school graduation exam in 2024 are about to take place, which have significant meaning in the future path of the students. To prepare well for these exams, Binh Duong has been actively implementing many measures to mobilize all resources to support candidates and schools, aiming for a serious, high-quality and effective exam.

At this time, 9th and 12th graders in the province are making great efforts to review intensively to prepare for the upcoming important exams

Focus on revision

Both the entrance exam for grade 10 and the high school graduation exam this year are the final exams of the 2006 general education program. At this time, schools are focusing on building knowledge and skills for students before they enter the upcoming important exams. This year, Minh Tan Secondary School (Dau Tieng district) has 142 9th graders. Headmaster Nguyen Van Luy stated that despite the small number of students, the school has prepared a plan to review for them since the beginning of the second semester. Currently, the school is preparing to organize the first mock exam for 9th graders. The school also coordinates with parents to manage and monitor their children's learning at home to achieve the highest efficiency in the upcoming 10th grade entrance exams.

At Thuong Tan High School (Bac Tan Uyen district), up to this point, all activities have been carried out according to the guidance and plan of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the Department of Education and Training (DOET). Mr. Nguyen Phuc Loc, Principal of Thuong Tan High School, said that the school has two levels of education, secondary and high school, so exam preparation for students in grades 9 and 12 has always been a priority for the school since the beginning of the school year. Beside review activities, the school also coordinates career orientation activities to help students choose a suitable path for themselves. Currently, for 9th grade students, the school is entering the final exam preparation phase for them. For 12th grade students, the school is finalizing the results of the academic year and guiding them to register for exams.

In these days, the exam atmosphere is covering all schools. Grade 9 and 12 students are studying hard, preparing for the upcoming important exams. Nguyen Thai Phuong Nam, a student in class 9A3 at Phu My Secondary School (Thu Dau Mot City), shared: "I feel quite nervous and worried about the upcoming entrance exam for grade 10. This is an important exam that marks a turning point in my studies, determining to some extent my future. Therefore, I am trying my best to review in order to achieve the highest results. In addition to reviewing at school, I also spend extra time reviewing at home and practicing test questions to improve my knowledge and test-taking skills for myself.”

Well facility preparation

In less than 1 month, the entrance exam for grade 10 of high school year 2024-2025 will take place, and in nearly 2 months, the high school graduation exam of 2024 will be held. During this time, alongside intensifying the revision work for students, the selected exam venues are actively implementing various activities to ensure full, safe, and convenient facilities for the candidates, ensuring that the exams are conducted seriously and in accordance with regulations.

Binh Duong has just implemented the organization of the high school graduation exam in 2024 for schools

Most of the selected schools this year have already organized previous exams, so the School Boards have experience in preparing infrastructure. However, to ensure that the exams take place safely, seriously, in accordance with regulations, the preparation of infrastructure is still carefully implemented by the schools. Thorough preparation of infrastructure for important exams is necessary, contributing to creating the best conditions for candidates, helping them feel at ease when entering the exams.

In the exchange with us, Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Training, said that the department has directed and guided units concerned with training activities, disseminating examination regulations to all officials, teachers, staff, and students to ensure the organization of exams is honest, objective, fair, and effective. Besides, schools need to pay special attention to the psychological development of students, effectively carry out psychological counseling activities, review equipment and medical supplies... The Department has also organized inspection teams to check the teaching and learning activities as well as the facilities of schools in the province.

Reported by Hong Phuong – Translated by Vi Bao

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