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Promoting communication needed for tourism development: insiders

Update: 22-11-2023 | 15:58:15

The important role played by tourism communication in promoting products, orienting consumption and adjusting the behaviour of relevant parties was the focus of discussion at a seminar recently held by the Vietnam Tourism Association (VTA).

General Director of Flamingo Redtours Nguyen Cong Hoan said the media is a bridge and an inseparable link in tourism development, adding that the media helps popularise policies of the Party and the State on tourism, and support localities and businesses to promote destinations and tourism products to the public.

The media also give State agencies information on market trends and fluctuations, or the demand and aspirations of tourists, businesses, and people, thus making appropriate policy adjustments.

Based on market reactions reflected by the media, businesses can build effective promotion plans and develop more attractive tourism products, Hoan noted.

Implementing a project to strengthen tourism communication activities until 2025 approved by the Prime Minister, many localities and businesses are making efforts to innovate methods and contents of communication activities on tourism, and increase the application of modern technology in this work.

Apart from focusing on promoting information and images on the country and tourism potential through mass media, and social networks, communication contents are also integrated in many activities and events such as forums, conferences, seminars, fairs, and exhibitions at home and abroad.

These efforts have contributed to increasing the level of recognition of Vietnamese tourism as well as the reputation of the national tourism brand on the world tourism map.

However, participants at the seminar said tourism communication work of Vietnam is not coordinated and thus failing to produce a strong spillover effect, reducing the impact and influence of general policies.

Therefore, a national communication strategy on tourism is needed to help localities and businesses build specific plans, thereby creating overall strength and highlights for the work of tourism communication and promotion, they said.

From the perspective of a travel business, Hoan said to attract more visitors, the tourism industry need to carry out a larger-scale communication campaign.

In the context of the strong development of social media, which influences the travel habits of global tourists, the tourism industry should pay attention to promoting communication through new forms, especially social networks, he went on.

In the past four months, Vietnam welcomed more than 1 million international visitors each month, bringing the total number of international visitors by October 2023 to nearly 10 million, exceeding this year's 8 million target. However, the figure is equivalent to only 89% of the pre-COVID-19 level./.


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