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Propaganda on digital transformation at grassroots level strengthened

Update: 09-05-2024 | 13:08:32

Provincial People's Committee has just issued an online plan, requesting teams, groups and youth volunteer groups to participate in the local community digital transformation in 2024 to increase information and widely propagandize the Party’s policies and guidelines, the State's laws on digital transformation to households, people and businesses.

The whole grassroots political system propagandizes and guides people to install and use digital platforms and digital technology applications such as Binh Duong public service portal, 1022 switchboard, Binh Duong digital app in the province, personal digital signatures, online public services, installation and activation of level 2 electronic identification accounts, integration of personal information into the VNeiD application, propaganda and mobilization of Youth Union members, people to participate in installing and using the "Binh Duong Tourism Application", thereby promoting the image of the land and people of Binh Duong.

In addition, the whole grassroots political system guides the local businesses, business households, and people to register to participate in e-commerce platforms such as "", "”, "Binh Duong e-commerce platform https: //”, open electronic payment accounts; deploy guidance and support in installing electronic payment accounts and “mobile money” e-wallets for households in quarters and hamlets.

Reported by Song Tra-Translated by Kim Tin

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