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Propaganda on electricity saving among students

Update: 05-12-2023 | 11:32:27

*Say no to school violence

On December 4, Tan An Primary School in Thu Dau Mot City coordinated with the city’s Electricity to organize a program on "Saving electricity in schools".

The program took place with many diverse activities such as a golden bell ringing contest, skit performances and answer to situational questions, attracting a large number of students. Through the program, the Organization Board provided students with knowledge about saving electricity in a natural and familiar way, helping them become "propagandists" to spread, mobilize their relatives, friends to implement saving measures effectively, safely and reasonably, contributing to protecting the environment and responding to climate change.

On this occasion, Thu Dau Mot city’s Electricity awarded 20 gifts to disadvantaged students and 40 gifts to students who won prizes at the competition.

*On the same morning, the Young Pioneer Organization of Nguyen Trai Primary School in Thu Dau Mot city organized an activity with the theme of "Building beautiful friendship - Saying no to school violence". The event was attended by officials, teachers and students of all grades.

At the event, students performed significant skits and musical performances with the theme of "Prevention of school violence". Officials of provincial Children's Cultural House exchanged with students around school topics and gave small gifts for them.

Reported by H.Thuan-N.Phuong-P.Dung-Translated by Kim Tin

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