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Provincial Farmers ‘Association launches movement and signs emulation agreement in 2024

Update: 22-02-2024 | 11:38:52

Early February 21, provincial Farmers' Association held a conference to launch the 2024 farmers ‘movement and sign the 2024 emulation agreement.

At the conference, provincial Farmers' Association deployed programs, tasks, targets and plans to implement the association's work and the farmers' movement in 2024. The Standing Committees of provincial Farmers' Association and Farmers' Association branches of districts, towns and cities agreed to sign the 2024 emulation agreement with 14 targets to be implemented during the year, including organizing and coordinating with relevant units to organize vocational training for at least 1,000 members; having 100% of farmers who are good at production and business to be trained in production and business skills and access the province's agricultural policies; striving to propagandize, mobilize and guide the establishment of at least 20 new professional farmer associations and 25 professional farmer associations...

Provincial Farmers' Associations at all levels and Billionaire Farmers' Association also signed an emulation agreement to build units that successfully complete their tasks in 2024.

Reported by Nhu Y-Translated by Kim Tin

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