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Provincial People's Council Standing Committee reviews, gives opinions on proposal to draft resolutions

Update: 08-06-2024 | 13:07:55

Early June 7th, the Standing Committee of the 10th provincial People's Council held its 28th session to review and provide opinions on the proposal to draft resolutions. The meeting was chaired by Nguyen Van Loc, Member of provincial Party Standing Committee and Chairman of provincial People's Council.

The proposals from provincial People's Committee to draft resolutions included regulations on the authority to decide on the procurement of assets for scientific and technological tasks using the State budget within the management scope of the province; procurement of goods and services for scientific and technological funding within the province's management scope; regulations on measures to ensure the implementation of grassroots democracy in the province; regulations on support policies for drug prevention, control and supervision in the province; regulations on school fees from the 2024-2025 academic year onwards for public preschool and general education institutions in the province.

At the session, provincial People's Council's Committee on Legal Affairs, Committee on Economic and Budgetary Affairs, and Committee on Cultural and Social Affairs presented their reports on the review of contents related to the fields of economy, State budget, legal affairs and culture and society. The delegates generally agreed with the content of the proposals to draft the above-mentioned resolutions, considering the drafting of these resolutions to be very urgent, meeting practical needs. The delegates also discussed, analyzed and contributed suggestions on some related contents.

Concluding the session, Mr. Loc agreed to let provincial People's Committee draft the four above-mentioned resolutions. He also requested provincial People's Committee to get the delegates’ opinions, direct specialized agencies to promptly draft and prepare resolutions in accordance with legal procedures and complete the draft contents of the resolutions for submission at the term-mid session of provincial People's Council for review and approval.

Reported by Do Trong-Translated by Kim Tin

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