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Provincial Police Youth Committee do meaningful activities in Dien Bien province

Update: 11-12-2023 | 14:07:25

From December 5 to 9, Binh Duong Provincial Police’s Youth Committee organized a program named "Winter Volunteer 2023” and "Spring Volunteer 2024” in Dien Bien province.

Accordingly, the delegation organized political activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7, 1954 - May 7, 2024) at the historical site of Hill A1, General De Cattori's bunker, and Dien Bien Victory Museum; exchange, share, and learn experience in youth work with the Dien Bien Provincial Police’s Youth Committee.

At this program, the delegation presented 100 gifts, including: 100 cotton blankets, 1,000 notebooks to poor students at Ta Te school, Noong U primary boarding school for ethnic minorities in Dien Bien Dong district, with a total budget of more than 30 million VND; awarded funds to build house for Ca Van Thang, a police officer in Ang To commune, Muong Ang district, who has difficult housing circumstance, with the amount of 50 million VND.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu - Translated by Ngoc Huynh

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