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Provincial social insurance agency holds dialogue with businesses and workers

Update: 08-06-2024 | 13:07:55

Early June 7, provincial social insurance agency coordinated with Thuan An city’s social insurance agency to organize a conference to discuss social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies with employees and employers in Thuan An more than 300 businesses, employers and employees.

At the conference, delegates were disseminated new points and basic contents of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies; deployed a number of contents in management of participants, reception work…; solutions to handle the current situation of impersonating social insurance officials on the phone, defrauding companies, businesses, and workers...

On this occasion, provincial social insurance agency received and directly answered many questions related to the legitimate rights and interests when participating in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance from employers and employees. For example, they included the disadvantages of withdrawing social insurance one time; procedures for entering insurance books when working at many different companies; regimes for maternity and labor accidents. Delegates were also instructed on how to update information and use the VssID application on smartphones...

Many problems from employers and employees were promptly answered at the dialogue, thereby creating consensus between employers and employees, raising awareness of the rights and responsibilities for participating in and enjoying social insurance policies and regimes in the current period.

Reported by Quang Tam-Translated by Kim Tin

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